‘SNL’: Julia Stiles reprises ‘Save the Last Dance’ role in guest cameo

Chloe Fineman reminds the world how much they need to rewatch Save the last dance as soon as possible.

The Saturday evening live cast member stopped by “Weekend Update” during this week’s new episode, ostensibly to present some “intimate gift ideas” for your partner. Only, instead of sitting behind the desk, Fineman came onstage in front of the desk, wearing a red Christmas dress over an all-black ensemble.

“Well, I only have one sexy gift idea, and I need to demonstrate it a little bit,” Fineman explained to “Weekend Update” hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che. “The sexiest gift you can give your partner is to try something new in the bedroom.”

“The perfect Christmas gift this year is the dance that Julia Stiles does at the end of the 2001 film Save the last danceFineman continued, as she took off the red cloak to reveal her outfit – the exact outfit Stiles wears during her performance at the end of the movie.

Fineman then essentially narrated the entire plot of the film to Jost, point by point, as he danced, while Che sat back and ate popcorn.

The recap continued until Stiles himself stepped onto the stage to loud, roaring cheers from the clearly surprised audience.

Together, Fineman and Stiles complete the choreographed number in their respective wicker chairs, ending the performance with a fist bump and a standing ovation from the audience.

Back in 2021, ET celebrated the 20th anniversary of Save the last dance by reuniting Stiles with her co-star, Sean Patrick Thomasand spoke to the pair about their memories of making the beloved film.

The two actors said they couldn’t have been more grateful to be a part of it Save from the last dancebut Stiles admitted that she still regretted her time on set.

‘My only regret Save the last dance and the bottom line is that when we were in pre-production and doing all the dance rehearsals, I also did the ballet, and [choreographer] Fatima [Robinson] was going to take Sean and Kerry and all the other actors to the club in Chicago,” Stiles recalled. And every night I would get a phone call: ‘We’re going here, we’re going there,’ and I was such a do-gooder that I thought, ‘That can’t be, I have ballet rehearsals at nine in the morning.'”

“And I missed the whole incredible club experience, what was I thinking?” she added, while Thomas joked, “I would ease your conscience about that, but I mean, you missed something.” We had a nice time. It was fun.’

Saturday evening live airs live, coast to coast, at 11:30 PM ET/8:30 PM PT on NBC.

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