‘Sister Wives’: Robyn calls out Kody for blaming his wives

Robin Brown speaks out against her husband, Kody Brown. In the new Sister Wives: Talkback Part 1 Robyn specifically calls out her husband for his comments about his exes.

In the special, the couple revisits an episode from season 18 with Kody’s exes, Christine Brown, Janelle BrownAnd Meri Brown.

“She is a sister wife,” Kody said of Janelle.

“Wait, wait, wait, whoa, stop. Stupid sister wife? You need to stop making this about sister wives,” the mother of five told her husband.

“Sorry, okay, I know,” Kody responded, before adding, “Yeah, well, we had a family that worked together. They’re trying to blame you, they’re trying to blame me, and all those years in Vegas we were all working together.”


But Robyn sticks to her guns and says, “I know, but what I’m trying to say is that you always point out the relationships between your sister and wife and never talk about your real problems with women.”

Kody then mentions “lack of loyalty” as his problem with his exes, and Robyn responds, “That’s different. You need to stop pointing fingers at sister wives.”

Kody tries to clarify this by noting, “Sorry, they’re sister wives. I’m saying it in terms of the bigger picture, like the whole family picture, not just my picture, but it’s a whole family picture to me.”

Robyn isn’t afraid to stand her ground during the talk-back episode. When a clip of a family conversation is shown where Kody asks Robyn and Meri to share their opinions on Janelle’s behavior, Robyn explained to her husband that she couldn’t say anything at the time.


‘I couldn’t attack her. “I couldn’t attack you,” she said. “It’s not something that works in a plural family. We need to stay out of trouble between you and a woman.”

“Okay, I don’t feel betrayed by it,” Kody told her.

Robyn is Kody’s only remaining wife after three breakups in three years with his first wives. The polygamist now says he lives in monogamy.

Sister Wives: Look back, where we started airs Sunday, December 24 at 10pm ET on TLC. And Sister Wives: Talk Back, Part 2 airs Friday, December 29 at 9pm ET on TLC.

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