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After you’ve unwrapped all the holiday gifts, you’ll likely have new items and supplies for your home. But with all these new things comes the dreaded next step: organizing them.

The new year is the perfect time to make some positive changes at home and in your life, especially when it comes to organizational tools that will make your home less cluttered and life a little less hectic. Inspired by popular shows such as The home editing And Clean up with Marie Kondowe decided to make organizing our homes a priority this winter.

If you are new to the world of organizing your home. We recommend that you create a system for this so that you don’t have to start from scratch. The home editing has released a highly rated book with step-by-step instructions for building habits that will better align your life and home.

If you need bathroom storageUnpleasant Reduce clutter in the kitchen or to spruce up closet storage, look no further than these life-hacking products from around the web. Our list includes everything from under-sink storage to clearing out bathroom counter space calendars and planners to movable storage baskets that match your current decor and at the same time have room for everything in your home.

Just in time to start the new year with a clean slate, we’ve picked out all of our favorite streamlined storage solutions and organization options that will make your home stylish and easier to navigate. Below, check out the best organization ideas to declutter your home (and life) for 2024.

The best kitchen storage and organization solutions

To have a organized pantry Coming home after stocking up on groceries at the supermarket makes life at home easier. Tiered shelves are a great way to add height to your pantry, while clear plastic bins allow organized and easy access to your pantry space. groceries.

The best ideas for organizing desktops and home offices

Set up a workspace that is both comfortable and functional to make your office space, working from home or hybrid work situation smoother.

The best bathroom storage solutions

Above the toilet, under the sink, and in the medicine cabinet are just a few places you can start cleaning up the bathroom.

The best closet and hidden storage solutions

Worried about an avalanche of blankets and towels every time you open the closet or linen closet? Organize – and save space in – your bedroom with storage space heavy blankets and clothing in bins and bags. Large bins can be reserved for big bags and boxes, while smaller bins with built-in dividers can divide other smaller items.

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