‘Selling the OC’s Alex Hall Spotted Kissing Mystery Man

Alex Hall was spotted with a mystery man for the first time this week, weeks after leaving fans guessing about her relationship status with her Selling the OC‘s co-star, Tyler Stanaland. 

Hall and her seemingly new man shared a kiss during an outing in California. In the photo, she stands barefoot outside of a car while wrapping her arms around the mystery beau. 


In Season 2 of Selling the OC, Hall kissed co-star Stanaland, leading fans to speculate about a potential future for their romance. In ET’s exclusive sneak peek of the series earlier this month, Stanaland and co-star Brandi Marshall spoke about the ongoing rumors surrounding Tyler’s relationship with Hall.

The video seemingly shed light on the speculation surrounding the realtor and reality star’s personal life amid his highly publicized divorce from Brittany Snow


“I heard that you had some strong opinions on me and where my life is right now,” Tyler confronts Brandi.

Brandi responds by acknowledging the discussions within the cast and their wider social circle regarding Tyler’s association with Alex. She references co-star Polly Brindle’s stance on the matter, claiming that Polly was open to the idea of Tyler and Alex being in a relationship. However, Brandi expresses her disagreement with that viewpoint.

“Polly was basically saying if you and Alex were in a relationship she would be fine with it, and I said I disagree,” Brandi states firmly. “I don’t think that’s right because you’re going through a public divorce. Alex should not be anywhere attached to it. Your friendship can sometimes look too friendly.”

The conversation then takes a turn towards the impact of the rumors on their professional lives, with Brandi expressing concerns about the reputation of their real estate brokerage.

“People are thinking we’re messy as a brokerage, like that’s the thing you guys don’t understand. Everybody in the OC is talking about it,” Brandi claims, referencing a seller who had confronted her on the phone about the ongoing drama.

She proceeds to offer advice to Alex about staying away from someone going through a divorce. Alex herself then joins the conversation, addressing the continuous discussion of her name.

“There’s a lot of speculation, but there is nothing going on here, and if there were, you guys would all know about it. We’re around you guys a lot,” Tyler defends himself and Alex against the rumors.



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