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‘Selling the OC’ Season 2: Are Jarvis and Rose Still Friends?

‘Selling the OC’ Season 2: Are Jarvis and Rose Still Friends?

Spoilers ahead! If you’ve yet to finish binging season 2 of Netflix’s Selling the OC, save this link for later.

Selling the OC is back! The agents of Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s real estate brokerage, the Oppenheim Group — Alex Hall, Tyler Stanaland, Polly Brindle, Brandi Marshall, Kayla Cardona, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Gio Helou, Austin Victoria, Lauren Shortt, Sean Palmieri and newcomer Ali Harper — bring bigger business and deeper drama in the Newport Beach-set Netflix docu-soap’s sophomore season.

While many of the new episodes center on Tyler and Hall’s would-be romance (and the whole Polly-Tyler Christmas party kiss saga — find out more about all that here) — the other big focus of season 2 is the end of Jarvis and Rose’s partnership, both in and out of the office. Season 1’s dynamic duo starts the season in a chilly place, icing over completely, with cracks quickly forming across the foundation of their friendship, or lack thereof. 

Read on for updates on that, plus Jarvis sets the record straight on the number of times she’s been engaged and married, whether she’s a swinger and if her real name is Rachel. Then, updates on Ali’s real estate license and that bikini bet she made with Gio. 

Are Jarvis and Rose still friends?

Short answer is, no; and if you ask the ladies, they have differing opinions on whether they were ever friends in the first place.

“There was a lot of misleading information,” Jarvis tells ET of season 1, while Rose describes their portrayal as BFFs during their reality TV debut as “very accurate.” 

“I feel like in season 1, and I vocalized that at times, but we’re not in control of what other people see,” Jarvis offers. “Rose and I have been getting to know one another. You know, contrary to what other people believe, she did not bring me to the brokerage. I met Jason through Heather Rae Young, and I knew Rose through a mutual friend.”

Some of the agents call out Jarvis midseason for her treatment of Rose, claiming Rose was her mentor and set her up for success at the brokerage. 

“We decided to start working together, but we were getting to know one another through that process,” Jarvis reiterates. “And through that process, I saw a lot of red flags and saw how different she and I are when it comes to how we handle business. And I knew for us, we’re not going to keep working together, but when you already have transactions, you already have clients, it’s difficult and it’s difficult to navigate, sometimes, relationships.”

“There’s a lot that happened off camera,” Rose shares. “Season 2, her and I just didn’t mesh well, you know? And she obviously has strong opinions of me and those are her opinions.” 


“It was weird for me to watch, and very hard for me to watch her talk so much s**t,” she adds. “Like, such a hater.”

Over the course of season 2, Jarvis made her disapproval of Rose’s “unprofessional” attire and sometimes flirtatious business tactics well known. 

“We’re not on speaking terms,” Rose reveals, confirming that their argument over Jarvis’ now-husband, Sergio Ducoulombier, pursuing a business deal with one of Rose’s clients without Jarvis giving Rose a heads up about it was the final straw in their relationship. 

“I think she’s shown her true colors and she thinks of me as someone with bad morals and someone that has horrible worldviews,” Rose rattles off, “and I just don’t want to be friends with someone like that.” 

“I want her to succeed,” Jarvis says of Rose. “I want the best for her, but I want to go my separate way. And, you know, it’s hard kind of having that break with an audience and having other people’s opinions being thrown in when they don’t know what’s going on.” 

How many times has Jarvis been engaged and married?

Season 2 includes the lead-up to Jarvis and Sergio’s Italian “I dos,” which inspires a bit of gossip within the group.

“I’m pretty good at putting blinders on and ignoring the noise,” Jarvis says. “The people who are close to me in my life are there for me, and it’s people who know me know me very well, and I’m very selective who I let in my life. And so, no– it’s, people try to shake and rattle and make a lot of noise, but to me, they’re just wasting their energy.”

Polly adds to the noise by labeling Jarvis “the Ring Collector” after rumors swirl she’s been engaged and/or married “about 17 times.” 

“I’ve been engaged the same amount of times I’ve been married,” Jarvis clarifies. “I’ve been engaged three times and married now three times.”  

“I’ve been proposed to more times than that, but I have said no to some,” she adds. 

Is Jarvis a swinger?

Austin sort-of suggests Jarvis might be a freak behind closed doors after sharing tales from a Halloween run-in with his co-worker at what he described as a “random house party” filled with “rich, fat men with beautiful women everywhere.”

“She got really weird when she saw me,” Austin recalled. “Like, I wasn’t supposed to be there. She left very quickly but, like, when I went to go talk to her, she went and scurried off.”

“It felt like something weird,” Austin added when Tyler asked if it was, in fact, a “swinger party.” 

“So there’s more to that conversation, more context to that conversation,” Austin clarifies to ET. “I did not say Alex was a swinger.” (For the record, it was Polly who declared her to be a swinger in that moment.) 

“We had a conversation about her being married and engaged multiple times, and so different things came up,” Austin says, “and then I told this story about seeing her because it was relevant to the current story. That’s all that happened.”

“I don’t think he can actually weigh in,” Jarvis counters. “I think Austin and I have maybe had, like, three conversations in our entire working relationship, but it is interesting that people like to just blurt things out and make up stuff and it’s 100 percent not true, and it’s hilarious — and anyone who knows me and hears that is just going to, like, have a good laugh. But, you know, people love to just talk about me.”

Is Jarvis’ real name Rachel?


On the cast’s trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Hall takes note of Jarvis’ ID, which states her name as Rachel and not Alexandra, the moniker she shares with three other cast members, Hall included. The shared name forces nearly all of them to go by their surnames in the office/on the show. 

“My first name is Rachel,” the Alabama native admits. “My middle name is Alexandra and, in the South, it’s really common to go by your middle name. Like, I just had a nephew born a month ago, and he’s being called by his middle name. It’s just a common thing. So, you know, people saying my ‘real name,’ it’s both.”

Is Jarvis leaving the Oppenheim Group?

By season’s end, Jarvis seems to be contemplating an exit from the Oppenheim Group, and confirms to ET she’s “definitely keeping my options open and will continue to keep my options open.”

One person keeping her at the O Group is newbie Ali, the Tennessee beauty queen with whom Jarvis bonded as Ali explored joining the brokerage, despite not having any real estate experience nor her license.

“Ali is definitely a breath of fresh air, and I’m so glad that she’s here,” Jarvis gushes. 

Does Ali have her real estate license yet?

“No,” Ali is quick to admit when asked about the status of her being legally allowed to sell and show real estate in the state of California. That means Gio might end up winning the bet they made in episode 8, that if Ali sells a listing within two months of being licensed, Gio will walk through the office in heels and a bikini, like the one Ali wore while competing for Miss USA. 


“I think, not only for my sake, but for everyone who’d be watching sake, I hope she loses,” Gio says. “I can’t speak for her physique, but I can say mine is definitely less than hers. So I’ll leave it at that.”

Gio was Ali’s biggest (and sort of only) skeptic, vocal about not needing “any more inexperienced agents in this office.” Polly joined the brokerage in a similar spot, hired before she was licensed to sell real estate. 

“I don’t have anything personally against her, she is a sweetheart,” he notes. “I just know that it’s a really tough world, really tough industry. You can almost be too nice in a sense, and I think she is that sweet. So, it’s not that I I have animosity towards her or anything like that, and I don’t think she has any towards me. I was mainly maybe not welcoming — and I should have been, you know, out of respect, and I do regret that to a degree — but as far as me not voting for her to be a part of our brokerage, when there are so many other qualified candidates out there who would die to be here? I have nothing against my vote there. And nor did Jason.”

“In the moment he said, you know, I’m going against my instinct here,” Gio continues, “and Brett the same. But they went for it. It’s their brokerage. They’re the boss.” 

Is Selling Nashville in the works?

Between Ali’s lack of a firm tie to California real estate and the Selling the OC cameras following her back to Nashville, viewers will no doubt wonder whether she’s simply some sort of plant to potentially headline another Selling spinoff in her hometown. 

“Then Ali would’ve stayed in Nashville,” Hall scoffs. “Like, why would she come to Orange County? That makes things a lot easier for her.”

However, it’s not necessarily out of the question. “Maybe in the future,” Ali teases, as Jason admits he “needs to go to Nashville” and scope out the real estate scene.

“I think I’m going in a month or two,” he adds.

“I’d consider a running that office!” Jarvis volunteers. 

What’s coming in season 3? 


While adding any more shows to the Oppenheim brothers’ TV universe remains a question mark, fans can rest assured that more Selling the OC is on its way. The cast is currently winding down production on season 3, having filmed it back to back with season 2.

“Double listings, double drama,” Sean teases, with Rose declaring it “dark drama.” 

Season 3 will also feature more of Gio’s journey to fatherhood. His wife, Tiffany, is expecting their first child later this month. It’s happy news that comes at a sad time for the realtor, as he works to sell his family home in the wake of his parents’ divorce. 

“It’s been a lot,” he shares. “The past you know few months of filming have certainly been emotional and it’s tragic in a lot of ways for me and my family. I mean, to have to list my family home and to, at the same time, try to reconcile … the remnants of that for my future kid? You know, it’s been a lot to juggle, but I have the best partner in the world in Tiffany, and she’s been nothing but a rock for me and really what helps me sleep at night is the fact that she’s going to be the most amazing mom. But juggling that and work and filming? It was a lot.”

All episodes of Selling the OC season 2 are now streaming on Netflix. 


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