Save Up to 80% on Artificial Christmas Trees at Wayfair’s Way Day Sale

And just like that—Christmastime is right around the corner. Whether you start decorating your home months in advance or you’re looking for ways to make the holidays more affordable this year, you’re in luck: Wayfair’s Way Day sale is back!

Way Day is taking place today, October 25, through October 26 and includes massive sitewide discounts on furniture, appliances, mattresses, and seasonal decor. There are tons of Christmas decorations on sale — including artificial Christmas trees marked down by as much as 80% off. 

Shop Wayfair’s Christmas Tree Deals

Now is the perfect time to save big on the centerpiece of your holiday décor. The best artificial Christmas trees look just like the real thing, but without all the hassle that comes with live Christmas trees such as sweeping up the shedding branches and needles. And because you can reuse them, artificial Christmas trees are actually a great way to save money year after year.

To help you in your search for the most perfect tree — and avoid the stress of navigating increased prices and issues with limited stock later on in the holiday season — we’ve rounded up the best Way Day deals on artificial Christmas trees currently available at Wayfair. From pre-lit options to Christmas trees that you can light and decorate completely yourself, get a deal on your festive decor before the holidays arrive.

Best Way Day Deals on Artificial Christmas Trees

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