‘Saturday Night Live’: Emma Stone Creates ‘Herstory,’ Joins 5-Times Club

Emma Stone made Saturday evening live ‘herstory’ during the weekend when she took the stage for the fifth time as a presenterand subsequently became the youngest-ever member of the show’s prestigious “Five-Timers Club”.

The 35-year-old Oscar winner emerged with a big smile for her monologue and explained how excited she was to be back as the evening’s guest host.

“It’s the fifth time I’ve been a host SNLand it’s always been my favorite show, and since I started hosting it’s become a big part of my life as well,” Stone explained.” I’ve made so many memories and so many friends here, and I even met my husband. bee SNL.”

“I know he’s quite camera shy. He’s not an artist, but it’s such a special night for us. I’d like the cameras to look at him if that’s okay?” Stone continued, as the cameras panned to executive producer Lorne Michaels instead of. “I love you so much, honey! Thank you!”

In reality, Stone is married with SNL segment director Dave McCary. The pair started dating in 2017, shortly after her third time as host in December 2016.

Stone continued her monologue by explaining how honored she is to join the Five-Timers Club, when she was surprised by SNL alum and fellow club member Tina Feydecked out in the traditional club tuxedo jacket.

“Emma, ​​welcome to the Five-Timers Club. At 35 years old, you are officially the youngest member,” Fey shared. “I’m the second youngest, 53. But you’ll love it there! A few years ago they even added a whole women’s section. It was actually Candice Bergen’s idea.”

When mentioning her name, Bergen – while rocking her own tuxedo jacket – stepped onto the stage to loud cheers.

“Wow! Candice, you founded the women’s division of the Five-Timers Club?” Stone asked. “What’s it like in there?”

“It has everything! Showers, a dressing room, a big portrait with the eyes cut out so Martin Short can peek inside,” Bergen said. “The women’s section started as a small, quiet place to cry, but over the years it became a big luxurious place to cry.”

As Bergen and Fey pulled out Emma’s own tuxedo jacket, Bergen said, “Emma, ​​this is your day. You are part of SNL her story!”

‘Thank you. This is amazing. Honestly, this has been a dream of mine since I was a kid,” Stone said, getting really choked up. “And it means so much that I get to share this moment with you. Thank you.”

“Is this a joint?” she added, pulling one out of her pocket.

“Oh, that must be Woody Harrelson’s jacket,” Bergen said.

“There’s a vaccine card here too,” Stone added, pulling another piece of paper from his pocket.

“Oh, then so be it definitely not Woody’sFey joked, before moving on to introducing the show.

It was a fun, sweet monologue that allowed Stone to celebrate a truly important achievement, 13 years after she first hosted the show on October 23, 2010.

Saturday evening live airs live, coast to coast, at 11:30 PM ET/8:30 PM PT on NBC.

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