‘Princess Diana of the Crown on the responsibility of portraying her death

Elizabeth Debicki says she and her fellow cast and crew members felt a “huge responsibility” when it came to playing Princess Diana in her final days for the final season of Netflix’s The crown.

Speaking to ET’s Denny Directo from the red carpet of the season 6 premiere, the Australian actress, 33, said the show’s creators knew that Princess Diana’s storyline — specifically her tragic death — couldn’t be the one that they had messed up.

“An immense, immense responsibility,” Debicki said when asked how seriously they approached the subject. “It’s hard to describe. It was something we thought about, that we carried with us, that woke us up at night.”

The show’s sixth and final season covers the 1990s and early 2000s and covers Lady Di’s fatal car crash in August 1997. The Princess of Wales and her partner Dodi Fayed were fleeing paparazzi in Paris , France when their vehicle crashed in a car accident. tunnel.

In a trailer released by Netflix in October, Debicki’s Diana is seen grappling with life after her divorce from then-Prince Charles and battling the relentless barrage of photographers trying to take pictures of her even after she has a became a private citizen.

Seemingly responding to fans who have expressed concerns online about how the show will handle Diana’s death, Debicki assured viewers that the matter was being handled sensitively.

“We have done our utmost [the story] good,” said Debicki, who also played Princess Diana in season 5.

As for what she would tell fans heavily invested in the series and its portrayal of the iconic “people’s princess,” Debicki said she hoped they would feel fulfilled by the ending.

“My message is just: thank you for sticking with the show, thank you for watching it. I hope we give you what you need,” she said.

She herself said that in the end she felt satisfied, but that the process of getting there was far from easy for her as an actress.

“It was very difficult and also very beautiful to be asked as an actor. So as poignant as it was, it was also – there was a kind of grace in it at the same time,” Debicki said. AND.


One difficult part of the role that Debicki probably won’t miss anytime soon is how long it took for her to transform into Princess Diana.

ET recently spoke of The crown‘s hair and makeup designer Cate Hall who said it took more time than you might think to get Debicki ready for season 6.

“As far as fittings go, I would say she probably spent over 30 hours in the hair and makeup chair while we were doing things,” Hall told ET.

She added that Debicki also dyed her eyebrows for the look and stuck to a strict schedule of spray tans, nail routines, and daily hair and makeup changes to portray a post-divorce Princess Di.

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The Crown season 6 part 1 debuts on Netflix on November 16. Part 2 premieres on December 14.

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