Paris Hilton’s Life Is Being Turned Into a Scripted Series (Exclusive)

Paris Hilton is returning to television, but this time it won’t be a reality show.

ET has exclusively learned that A24 has optioned Hilton’s 2023 memoir, titled Paris: The Memoir, for a television series adaptation in a six-figure deal. Hilton will be involved in the project in some capacity.

Hilton’s book was released in March 2023 and detailed everything from her early 2000s rise to fame to her traumatic past in the troubled teen industry

“This has just been the most therapeutic experience of my life, putting it all out there,” Hilton told ET in March of writing her life’s story. “[There are] just so many emotions and just so many experiences that I endured and tried to forget, but writing them all out and putting them out there has just made me feel just really incredible.”

“I feel incredibly empowered [after writing this book], and to read everything that I went through and how resilient and brave I am,” she added. “My documentary, This Is Paris, was the first time that I was vulnerable and spoke about so many things that I went through, and in the past two and a half years, just how much impact it’s made on others and helping change laws and really just being the hero that I always needed when I was a little girl. I couldn’t be prouder.”


It’s been a big year for Hilton. In addition to the release of her life-changing book, she and husband Carter Reum also welcomed their first child, son Phoenix Barron, in January via surrogate.

“I know that Phoenix would be proud of his mom and how strong she is,” Hilton shared of telling her story. “And also just letting others know that they’re not alone and feeling comfortable telling their stories — I think there is just so much power in coming forward with your truth.”  

“The media has controlled my narrative for over two decades and nobody knew the true story, so I just felt like it was time to really say what’s true,” she added.


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