Megan Fox on her involvement with ‘very famous’ men who were ‘horrific’

Megan Fox talks about past relationships with ‘very famous’ men who were physically and psychologically abusive, but she does not mention names.

In an interview with Good morning Americathe 37 year old Transformers star explained that her new book of poems, Pretty boys are toxicis not an exposé or a memoir, but she still felt compelled to share some of the real nightmares she endured in previous romances.

While Fox, who is engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, was married to Brian Austin Green and has been publicly linked to Shia LeBeouf and David Gallagher in the past, the actress says the physically and psychologically abusive relationships took place with “very famous” men who no one knows. about.

“But throughout my life I have been in at least one physically abusive relationship and several very psychologically abusive relationships,” she says. “I’ve only had contact with a few people in public. But I’ve shared my energy with – I guess we could say – who were horrible people and also very famous, very famous people. But no one knows I was involved with these people.”

Among the book’s collection of more than seventy poems is a chapter she called “Oxycodone and Tequila,” which describes the volatility she experienced with an unnamed man.

“It always starts with a cinematic monologue / your villain origin story / your eyes turn black / and I know it’s too late to run away / you lock the door / my stomach turns / today it was my sin that I followed your friend to the dinner table/instead of waiting for you,” that chapter reads in part.

Fox said there is actually so much more she could have included in the book, but chose to keep it out for fear it would identify the men she is talking about. She also chose to keep those stories to herself, out of fear that people would delve into her life.

In the same book, Fox shares this she had a miscarriage with MGK.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life,” Fox said. “I have three children, so it was very difficult for both of us. And it sent us on a very wild journey, together and apart, and together and apart, and together and apart, and together and apart, trying to navigate: ‘What does this mean? Why did this happen?'”

Fox was Married to Groen for 10 years. The former couple share three children: Noah, 11, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 7. Machine Gun Kelly has a 14-year-old daughter, Casie, from a previous relationship.

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