'Love Is Blind' Season 6: Are AD and Clay Married?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen all 12 episodes of season 6 yet Love is blindproceed with caution.

Love is blind is no stranger to shocking altar moments, but this one might take the cake. After a season of highs and lows, 33-year-old real estate agent Amber Desiree (“AD”) and 31-year-old venture sales and entrepreneur Clay Gravesande seemed to be all in for each other.

In the pods, Clay let his walls down, burst into tears in the men's lounge and opened up about his emotions throughout the process.

“I feel like I'm doing better, and I want to be better for you,” Clay assured AD in the pods, and she agreed.

The bond between the pair only grew stronger when they met in person. Clay admitted he was nervous about his ability to stay true to AD, saying he never had that example growing up.

Clay's dedication to his work also proved to be a sticking point for the couple, as AD wondered if Clay was really interested in investing time in their relationship. But thanks to the support of their respective families, the couple seemed willing to give it a try.


AD burst into tears of joy while trying on her wedding dress, and Clay seemed completely excited to start this new chapter. As for their final date, the couple merely affirmed each other as they prepared to head down the aisle.

In the newly released season 6 wedding episode, the couple got ready for their big altar moment. AD seemed completely certain that she would be married by the end of the day. Clay also seemed excited and ready for the big moment.

“This is the biggest decision I have to make, but I'm ready,” Clay stated with a smile. 'She is my best friend. I could ride her until the wheels fall off.”

But a conversation with his father, who had previously been unfaithful to Clay's mother, prior to the ceremony seems to add an element of tension to the ceremony. Despite this, AD and Clay still seemed to be on track to say “I do” as they stood together at the altar, smiling and talking to each other.

AD went first and said, “Yes,” and then Clay dropped a bombshell.

“AD, I love you. I don't think it's responsible for me to say, 'Yes, I do.' But I want you to know that I sympathize with you… I know very well that I am not ready for marriage yet,' he said, much to AD's shock.

AD left the altar in shock, calling the experience a “waste of my damn time,” and saying she was “so confused.”


In a casual interview, Clay said he did not understand AD's finances and that he was not “deeply in love” with his fiancée.

He later comes face to face with AD and tells her it was a “playtime decision”.

Clay assured AD that he is not rejecting her with his decision and says he wants to continue their relationship. But AD says she's “done” as she deals with the heartbreak of Clay's altar decision.

When ET met with Clay and AD separately after filming, they declined to share their current relationship status. When asked, Clay jokingly replied, “TBD.”

“I'd say you should wait and see,” AD teased with a smile.

Both Clay and AD are currently following each other on social media, although that's never a sure sign. While both Clay and AD appear in promotional and trailer footage outside the pods, it's unclear whether these two will make it to the altar. Looks like we'll have to tune in next week to get more answers.

The reunion especially for Love is blind Season 6 drops on Netflix on March 13 at 9pm ET.

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