Kris Jenner Makes Corey Gamble Turn Down ‘Yellowstone’ Role

Corey Gamble almost traded luxury cars in Calabasas for a horse in Montana! On Thursday’s premiere of The Kardashians, Kris Jenner reveals that her boyfriend, Corey, missed out on a role on the hit Paramount Network series, Yellowstone, and it was all her doing. 

As Kris and four of her daughters — Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner — travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Corey, Kris ends a tipsy night saying she’s excited to go watch the next episode of Yellowstone

Corey jokes, “If it wasn’t for you, I’d be a Yellowstone star.” 

When Kim and Khloé ask their momager about the comment, Kris confirms that she did, in fact, tell Corey to turn down the opportunity. 

“I thought he was going to have to have a romantic relationship,” Kris admits of her longtime boyfriend’s potential character. 


Khloé attempts to point out the hypocrisy of Kris’ decision, asking her mom whether she would take a role on Yellowstone if it meant she’d get to kiss lead star Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton. 

“Oh, that’s a hard yes!” Kris replies as Corey looks at Kris in faux shock. 

“Now I know my next role,” Corey says. 

“Now you know your next role-play,” Kim quips. 

Corey himself is not known for his acting. The longtime love of Kris was previously a producer and made a brief cameo appearance as a “Hanger On” in 2020’s 2 Minutes of Fame. And, of course, he’s appeared on many episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Kardashians


Yellowstone is set to end after the fifth season with the exit of Costner amid ongoing tensions

While Corey may not get his big acting moment, Kim is getting ready to appear on the new season of American Horror Story. Watch the trailer below:

New episodes of The Kardashians stream Thursdays on Hulu. 


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