Juan Pablo's daughter becomes the youngest 'Idol' contestant at age 14

Juan Pablo Galavis played the role of a proud father on Sunday during the final audition episode of American Idol. The Bachelor alum's 14-year-old daughter, Camila Galavis, auditioned for the ABC music competition and became this season's youngest contestant.

The high school freshman introduced her reality star dad and told the judges Lionel Richie, Katya PerryAnd Luke Bryan“My dad is a manager in the social media industry because he was on The Bachelor.”

After Camila revealed who her famous father is, Bryan joked about Juan Pablo, “He's dreamy!”

Of course, Juan Pablo made a cameo when he attended his daughter's audition. He claimed that he was hesitant to let his only child enter the television world.

Camila and Juan Pablo Galavis on 'American Idol' – 'American Idol'/YouTube

“She's been singing since she was little. The opportunity came. She wanted to do it and I said, 'I don't know if you're old enough.' That was last year. They said, 'Maybe next year,'” Juan Pablo recalls.

Camila sang Joaquina's “Rabia” and sang the song while Juan Pablo looked like a real stage dad and listened along to the lyrics.

“You have a good voice. It sounds a little young. It has a lot of personality,” Perry told Camila. “It's very youthful. I'm just looking for some of those notes that can come out and really compete with the other competitors.”

'American Idol'/YouTube

Bryan said he loved Camila's “confidence” and “personality” and praised Camila's sound, noting that the pop tone in her voice was “very listenable.”

“I think your biggest hurdle is that the big treble is still giving you a little bit of trouble. I mean, you're so young. I just don't know if it's done yet,” Bryan admitted, before backtracking somewhat. “Let me say one thing: I think the right producer could take your voice right now and make you a hit album right now, but in this competition I think you're going to get swallowed up a little bit.”

Although Richie voted no to put Camila forward, Perry voted yes, saying, “The biggest growing genre in music is Spanish music. That's authentically you. So it's a yes from me.”

It came down to Bryan saying, “I wrote 'No' on my page, but then I told you the right producer could give you a hit, so I'm giving you a yes just based on that. Because you I have a radio tone.”

As the judges all hugged Camila and told her she was going to Hollywood, Bryan repeated, “You barely got in.”

Juan Pablo Galavis on 'American Idol' – 'American Idol'/YouTube

Proud father Juan Pablo tearfully watched the reactions to his daughter's performance.

Bachelor Nation first met Juan Pablo on Desiree Hartsock's season The bachelorette in 2013. The following year, Juan Pablo led season 18 of The Bachelor. He ended the season by choosing Nikki Ferrell, although he did not propose. The couple ended their relationship later that year.

Juan Pablo's second runner-up, Andi Dorfmanbecame the next Bachelorette, while his first runner-up, Clare Crawleycontinued competing Bachelor in paradise And Bachelor Winter Gamesbefore leading her own season of The bachelorette in 2020.

While Clare got engaged to Dale Moss during her season of the show, the couple eventually ended their relationship. Clare tied the knot with Ryan Dawkins in February 2023, and the couple welcomed a daughter less than a year later.

American Idol airs Sundays at 8pm ET on ABC.

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