Jon Cryer Reacts to Possible ‘Two and a Half Men’ Reunion (Exclusive)

Jon Cryer is open to return to Two and a half Men. ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke with the 58-year-old actor who follows the show’s creator Chuck Lorre‘s reconciliation with Charlie Sheenand he expressed his openness to reprising his role of Alan Harper from the hit sitcom.

“I’m not going to rule anything out, but I haven’t spoken to Charlie yet,” Cryer said. “I’m really glad they made up… I can only say it for Chuck, obviously. He feels the enormous relief of someone who has managed to rekindle a friendship that was really meaningful to him. “

Lorre and Sheen had a falling out in 2011 after the show went on hiatus so the actor, who played Charlie Harper, could go to rehab for a third time. After Sheen shot back at Lorre with publicly disparaging comments, CBS and Warner Bros canceled the show. the remaining episodes of the season, terminated the actor’s contract and banned him from their production lot. He was later replaced Two and a half Men Through Ashton Kutcherand the show ran for four more seasons.

When Lorre started working on his new show, BookmakerHe contacted Sheen to play a fictional version of himself.

“He and Charlie were very close for the first few years Two and a half Men and the fact that they managed to reconcile is really beautiful,” Cryer told ET. ‘I haven’t spoken to Charlie. I don’t know if he knows my number anymore. But anything can happen.”

When ET spoke with Lorre in November, he expressed his excitement about working with Sheen again.

“I hoped that Charlie was in a good place and ready. He couldn’t have been more gracious, enthusiastic and generous about the whole thing,” Lorre said of Sheen, before recalling their reunion: “It was just the The most natural thing in the world. We hugged… It was closure. It was healing. And it took a huge weight off my heart. I don’t want to speak for Charlie, but I think he felt the same thing. It was a great opportunity for us to bury that darkness and have some fun.”

Now Cryer has moved on to a new project in which he will play the lead role Extended familya new sitcom in which the actor plays Jim, a happily divorced man who lives with his ex-wife (Abigail Spencer) and their children while dating someone new (Donald Faison).

“We filmed the pilot of this show almost two years ago because it has taken a crazy winding path,” Cryer said. “We all love it so much and we all cared about it so much… We couldn’t be more excited that America is finally getting the chance to see it.”

Faison agreed, noting, “This is a show where the parents say, ‘Look, let’s have an amicable separation for the kids and really show them that we’re still partners in raising them.”

“What I like about the show is that we show that there can be another way to divorce,” Spencer added. “…I’ve just never seen anything like it on TV.”

Extended family will air the first episode on December 23 on NBC. The show premieres January 2 on NBC.

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