John Mayer Talks Turn-Ons and His Childhood Celebrity Crush

John Mayer was back as a guest on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, and opened up like never before about his preferences in love, music, and hair color. On Monday’s episode of Bravo’s late-night show, the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer had fans buzzing as he divulged some steamy secrets and played the “Pillow Talk” game.

As Mayer reclined on a plush Bravo pillow next to pal Cohen, the intimate atmosphere set the stage for some tantalizing revelations. Cohen kicked off the pillow talk by asking Mayer, “John, when was the last time you had a good cry?”

With a hint of vulnerability in his voice, Mayer replied, “This morning.” While he didn’t delve into specifics, the honesty of his response instantly resonated with viewers.

Things got even steamier when Cohen inquired about Mayer’s thoughts on the sexiest musical instrument. After a hearty laugh, Mayer responded, “What guy could steal my girl with an instrument? And I’d be like, ‘That’s a cool instrument.'” Cohen playfully suggested Kenny G.

“I was going to say the saxophone,” Mayer admitted with a grin, clearly appreciating the seductive allure of the instrument.

In a nostalgic moment, Cohen asked Mayer about his first-ever celebrity crush. Without hesitation, the 45-year-old singer-songwriter fondly said it was ’80s pop sensation “Debbie Gibson.” 

Cohen then asked Mayer about the hair color that turns him on the most. Mayer’s response was a vivid and detailed description that left little to the imagination. “Caramel with an ombre, like a caramel to dark brown ombre, and like a spaghetti-strap tank top, but then also a bra strap at the same time, and they are sort of like dancing like telephone lines as you’re driving.”

But perhaps the most eagerly awaited moment came when Cohen challenged Mayer to describe himself as a lover in just three words. After a brief pause, Mayer chose his words carefully, saying, “Takes some time.” This cryptic response only added to the intrigue surrounding the musician’s romantic life.

In JuneCohen set the record straight about his longtime friendship with Mayer.

“I was on Howard Stern last week and he asked me about my friendship with John Mayer and I said, ‘Yeah, you know,’ said kind of flippantly and offhandedly that we love each other,” Cohen shared during his radio show, SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. “It became headline news and the more it became headline news, the more butthurt I got over it. You know why? Are two men not allowed to say that they’re in love? Are we all so flipped out?”

The Bravo exec called the internet’s reaction over his comments “weird” before dishing on his longtime friendship with another straight male friend.

“I think it’s weird. Do you think, I mean, don’t you think that most male, I mean, Dave Ansel and I are in love with each other? Dave Ansel was the first guy I was ever in love with,” he explained. “That’s my college roommate and I was stunned, by the way, in week one of freshman year when he said, ‘Oh my god, I love you, dude. I love you,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, this is a totally hetero guy expressing his love for me.'”

“It felt very pure and real, but not sexual whatsoever,” the Watch What Happens Live host added. “It was grounded in our friendship, so that’s why I just think that a friendship of two guys, that doesn’t seem like headline news to me.” 

Cohen added, “At first, I thought it was kind of lazy like, ‘Oh, that’s a lazy headline.’ Yes, I offhandedly said we love each other and then the longer it went, I was like, ‘Y’all need to kind of, you know, get ahold of yourself.'”

The TV personality has been open about his friendship with the Gravity singer, dishing to ET in February 2022 about their “bromance.”

“Gosh, we met over 10 years ago through our friend, Ricky,” Cohen said. “I ran into them shopping, I don’t know much about John Mayer at all, or his music and I wasn’t even so sure it was him when we met. And then we went out to Bleaker Street and there were paparazzi, and I turned to Ricky and I go, ‘Is this John Mayer that we’re with?’ And he said, ‘Yes.'”

He continued, “We just stared there and would see each other around. He always had a great spirit. I would say the Grateful Dead got us a lot closer, ’cause I was already a major deadhead, and he started getting into them and then imagine when your friend starts playing with your favorite band who you thought you would never see again. And now, you can actually tour with them. So, that was a big kickstart to everything too.”

Cohen even got Mayer into the Bravoverse, with the musician name-dropping a few Real Housewives stars during Cohen’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

“Listen,” Cohen added. “If John Mayer’s calling you out, I think it’s pretty fun.”


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