Jimmy Fallon jokes about ‘The Voice’ coaches performing incognito

Jimmy Fallon’s always up for a good joke!

Come on The voice‘S Season 24 Playoffs, the late-night host decided to get some laughs by planting himself in the audience of the NBC singing competition and having some fun with coaches Reba McEntire, Johannes Legend, Gwen Stefani And Niall Horan.

With a long gray beard and mustache, Jimmy interrupted the host Carson Daly while doing his intro for the upcoming episode.

“Is this the part of the show where you answer questions from the audience?” Jimmy asked in a deep voice.

“We don’t really have that part of the show,” Carson replied, but Jimmy was undeterred.

“I wanted to know if the winners of this show will go on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonhe said, getting a lot of laughter from the audience sitting around him. ‘Because that is a quality programme. He’s a good guy.”

Jimmy then took the stage to perform a serious rendition of Tony Bennett’s “(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco” – a tribute to the late crooner that left some coaches genuinely emotional, with John, Gwen and Niall even saying so admitted during the Blind Auditions they turned their chairs around for Jimmy’s voice!

Finally, Jimmy had one question Vote fans are wondering this season asking Gwen what time her husband is, Blake Sheltonwould arrive.

“Never, it seems!” Gwen laughed.

Watch the funny moment below:

ET spoke with Gwen ahead of this season’s Battles, where she talked about how surreal it is to return to The voice without Blake by her side. The Cowboy left the NBC singing competition earlier this year 23 seasons.

‘It feels a bit like [my] first season, before I knew he existed,” she shared. It’s a little weird, but it’s also like I’m having so much fun.

“Like, I’m just here because it’s fun,” Gwen added. “Coaching and actually getting to know your team after the Blinds is my favorite thing because it feels like the dream is there.”

However, she admitted that it’s a little unnerving to look at Blake’s chair and watch instead The voice‘s newest coach: the Queen of Country herself.

On how Reba has handled her first season so far, Gwen laughed as she reflected on the Blind Auditions.

“She did great. She didn’t have to do anything,” she recalled. “They’d say, ‘I think you’re great. I’d love to have you on my team,’ and they’d say, ‘I’ll pick you!'”

The voice airs Mondays at 8 PM PT/ET and Tuesdays at 9 PM PT/ET on NBC.

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