Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie XO is celebrating the first anniversary of quitting sex work

Bunnie XO, wife of music superstar Jelly rollrecognizes the significance of a special day for her.

Bunnie previously announced in March 2023, “I just officially shut down my spicy site. What a fun ride that's been.”

On Tuesday, she reshared that post as a reminder and celebrated the anniversary of the announcement, writing, “Awww, a year ago I retired from the SW industry.”

“I was SO afraid to let go of that part of my life and leave the money I was making behind — I wasn't sure how I was going to make up for that part of my business,” she continued. “But I had faith and let God do it and he brought me back tenfold.”

“So thankful for all of you who believe in me and endorse my patron, buy merch, listen to the pod and work with me daily,” she added. “THANK YOU”

Jelly Roll and Bunnie first met at one of his shows in 2015, which sparked a romance. The couple got engaged in 2016 and decided to tie the knot the same day in a chapel in Las Vegas.

However, some critics and commentators expressed confusion about the timeline of her marriage in relation to her past work. So Bunnie laid it out in clear terms in a follow-up post.

“A lot of people seem to be confused about how I just retired from SW last year because I've been married for 7 years lol.. so here's the answer. I'm an open book and don't mind letting you “know everything..” she wrote. “I have always worked alone and earned money. When I got married, I refused to give up my independence and rely solely on him.”

“And to be honest, he never asked me,” she continued. “He knew how important it was for me to earn my own money. But he always said, 'One day, baby, you won't have to do this anymore.'”

She explained how she started her brand in 2018 and “funded it with the money I made in SW. I literally built my entire brand from the ground up with no help from anyone, not even my husband.”

“In 2022, my company Bunnie XO started making as much money – if not more than my SW money,” she explained. “So I couldn't justify still having that part of my life when the new brand I created was flourishing so much.”

According to Bunnie, “My husband never asked me to give up anything in my life.” That's why she decided to quit the site altogether and 'delve deeper' into working on her brand. Bunnie concluded that this was the “best decision I ever made”.

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