Jason Kelce played the role of ‘Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend’s Brother’ in Chicago

Jason Kelce is a Super Bowl champion, six-time Pro Bowler and, most recently, a finalist for the Sexiest Man Alive honor, but to the city of Chicago, he’s just Taylor Swifthis friend’s brother.

That was the rude – albeit highly expected – welcome the Philadelphia Eagles star received when he arrived at the famous Wieners Circle in the Windy City. Jason and fellow Super Bowl champion/current Thursday night football analyst Andrew Whirworth – films for a Prime Video Series – stopped for some food, and the insults immediately started flying.

Not only was Jason greeted with “Welcome Taylor’s Friend’s Brother” on the restaurant sign, but the employee who took his order also made some cheesy talk. In behind-the-scenes footage shared to the hot dog joint’s Instagram account, the employee can be heard continuing Travis Kelce for spending his free time “chasing” Taylor around the world.

While waiting for his food, Jason clapped back at the employee.

“We’ve got to get you on the field,” said the Sexiest Man Alive Finalist. “Your mother looks like Michael Strahan.”

Jaws dropped among the customers waiting in line for food. But once they sat down and ate some cheddar fries, the NFL stars received another dose of insults when the same woman came to their table.

“You’ve got me all confused,” she shouted. “Go bears!”

But it all ended well, as Jason later posed for a selfie with the employee, who of course turned off the camera.

The Wieners Circle is proud to have “served its signature blend of Char Dogs, Cheddar Fries and Verbal Abuse in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood for 40 years.” As you can see, the insults are practically the main ingredients. When customers visit the restaurant’s website, they are immediately greeted with: “What the hell do you want?” on the homepage.

Jason’s visit to the Chi-Town eatery came just days before Travis spotted in Buenos Aires on a date with Taylor, after her Eras Tour concert on Friday had to be rescheduled due to bad weather.

Swift kicked off the South American leg of her tour on Thursday. That same evening, Kelce enjoyed his team bye weekwas thousands of kilometers away To attend his Kansas City Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes’15 and the Mahomies Foundation Gala.

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