How Andrew Tate tied himself in knots during fiery BBC interview | Emily Maitlis

I have no idea about the process that led to the BBC approaching Andrew Tate for an interview. Or the reason that Tate eventually agreed to do it – he says he relented after “months of begging”.

But I do have some idea of how the interviewer, Lucy Williamson, might have felt on hearing it was game on. The intense elation (“A world exclusive with a renowned d***head!”) quickly followed by the utter panic (“Am I up to this? What tricks is he going to play? Will I end up strengthening the hand of a known misogynist currently under house arrest on human trafficking charges if it goes wrong?”).

I viewed the interview as soon as it landed, unedited, on Tate’s own platform. I thought I would be watching through fingers, from behind the sofa. But I was wrong. If Williamson had any of those fears, they were unfounded.

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