Garcelle says Dorit's robbery “wasn't going to happen” as she claims

Garcelle Beauvais wonders Dorit Kemsley's story. On part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 13 reunion, Garcelle said she had questions about it Dorit's 2021 home invasion and insisted it “wasn't going to happen” as her co-star claims.

The drama started earlier this season when Garcelle spoke in a confessional, saying, “The only time I notice jewelry is when Dorit still had hers after the robbery.”

“To suggest what I went through: a mother's worst nightmare, worst nightmare!” Dorit said, referring to how she was held at gunpoint while home alone with her and her husband PK's two children, Jagger and Phoenix.

'Understood. I didn't say your robbery didn't happen,” Garcelle replied. “…I believe you were robbed. I just thought a few things were wrong. That's all.'

When Dorit questioned what details Garcelle was questioning, the latter woman pointed out the fact that Dorit still had her wedding ring after the incident.

“The kids and I had just flown in from London 24 hours earlier,” Dorit explained. “The items I had traveled with, including my rings, were not where they normally are.”

Garcelle accepted that answer before telling Dorit, “I thought it was strange that a robber would be so kind as to listen to you and leave your phone at the gate because you asked him to.”

“You know I had a gun to my head and the guy told me to kill her?” asked a bewildered Dorit. “…I couldn't contact my husband. I said, 'I just want to be able to call my husband. Please leave my phone.' And he left it at the gate. What is so unfathomable?'

“That wouldn't happen,” Garcelle said.

Host Andy Cohen then intervened and pointed out that phones have trackers, so perhaps a robber wouldn't want the device on them. “That's possible,” Garcelle replied.

“It's just not that crazy,” Dorit said. “But the crazy thing is to actually go on national television and spread a false story.”

Garcelle stuck to her guns, saying, “I have my opinions and the fact that I share them, that's my opinion. It doesn't change your world in any way.”

'Naturally! That's a very, very, very big and strong thing to say,” Dorit exclaimed, prompting Garcelle to roll her eyes and look away. “And the fact that you look away like it's nothing says a lot about you, Garcelle. You really don't care.'

“I'm sorry if I hurt you with that,” Garcelle said, before doubling down and saying, “That was just my opinion.”

During the episode, Dorit also talked about her marriage, which went through a difficult time this season amid her PTSD from the armed robbery. The season finale even ended with Dorit wondering if she and PK could stay together.

“After we finished, things got worse and he and I were probably in a bad situation,” Dorit said. “…We were struggling and we were working through things.”

But now Dorit says she and PK are “better than ever,” something she credits in part to her husband's decision to quit drinking.

“I just think it's really hard to have clear conversations when he drinks so much, so he stopped drinking,” she said. “He's actually been sober for 49 days, I think. That was a very pivotal moment. Things are, knock on wood, as good as they can be.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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