Home Entertainment ‘Extremely flattering’ Four anti-ageing hairstyles for women over 50

‘Extremely flattering’ Four anti-ageing hairstyles for women over 50

‘Extremely flattering’ Four anti-ageing hairstyles for women over 50

With age, the length of the hair growth cycle gets shorter, the hair follicles get smaller, and the scalp can become dryer. All of these factors influence the look and feel of the hair that comes out of your head. To add to this, finding grey hair is often the first physical sign of hair ageing that people notice. So what can be done to keep yourself looking youthful? Similarly to the clothes you choose, the hairstyle you have can impact the age people think you are. Here are four anti-ageing hairstyles according to experts; short with long layers, the feathered long fringe, the choppy bob, and long and layered.

Short with long layers

For those who have fully embraced their natural grey or white hair, shortcuts can look especially good. But, when the hair goes grey, the texture also changes and this needs to be considered.

The ideal shape for a grey bob “incorporates longer pieces at the front” as this is the “best of both worlds” because it sculpts the face but still has the “structure of a short cut”.

The longer tendrils provide some softness to the cut and “can be blow-dried with volume and slicked back, or swept loosely to the side”.

“A great haircut needs to have multiple styles in one. That versatility is the secret to not getting stuck in a rut,” hair stylist Sam McKnight said.

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The feathered, long fringe

A long fringe is said to be “an artful way” to naturally lift the face and smooth the complexion “without losing length”.

Ask your hairdresser to cut shorter pieces that fall around the face as this can add softness to your style.

Sam added: “A longer fringe creates a framework around the face that works especially well when you put your hair up.”

Unlike a solid fringe, or bangs, which can be harsh, a “butterfly fringe” as it has become known is a nod to the 1970s feather cut and is “extremely flattering” – think Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac.

A fringe is also a clever way to camouflage any forehead wrinkles or fine lines you may not be not happy with.

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Long and layered

There’s nothing worse than seeing long wispy hair in desperate need of a good chop. For those that prefer long hair, consider layers to add depth.

The key, Sam says, is to not be too precious about the layers because those that “fall perfectly tend to look prim and old fashioned”.

Instead, ask your stylists to razor-cut layers as this “gives an effortless, slightly rebellious edge that softens facial features”.

As for how you can replicate a hairdressers work at home, the expert says less is more when it comes to styling.

“A modern layered haircut doesn’t require you to do too much. A little styling cream or oil to reduce frizz is all that’s needed – blow-drying hair to within an inch of its life looks outdated,” he told The Telegraph.



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