Drew Barrymore Has Tearful Reunion With Woman Who Once Comforted Her

Drew Barrymore had a tearful reunion with the woman who comforted her on a flight four years ago when she quit drinking alcohol.

The emotional reunion was shared by the social media team for Barrymore’s eponymous talk show. The video begins with the woman in the audience explaining to Barrymore that they met four years ago when she was a flight attendant and she was comforting Barrymore, who was bawling.

“When I met you, you were crying in my galley,” the woman in the audience said. “I was your flight attendant four years ago. And we sat in my galley and you cried and cried ’cause you were going through so much, and here I am at your show now.”

Barrymore then asked the woman if she remembered why she was crying.

“Yes, I do,” the woman responded. “You were just bawling and I was just holding you.”

Barrymore then walked up to the woman and gave her a big hug before she sat next to her and continued conversing.

“That was a really hard year,” Barrymore said. “It was actually the year I stopped drinking.”

Barrymore has been open about her sobriety and making the decision to stop drinking in 2019, the year she landed her daytime talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. She told the Los Angeles Times in March that “the opportunity at a show like this really” hit her, and that she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle her own talk show if she wasn’t in a “really clear place.”

“You know, when you stop drinking it’s not like all your problems go away,” Barrymore continued in her conversation with the flight attendant. “There’s a ton of work to be done. It’s a way to honor yourself and be consistent and let room in for other things.”

Last November, Barrymore penned the thoughtful essay “Take Care of Yourself” for her magazine, Drew, in which she shared that her separation from alcohol “has been one of the most liberating things in my journey of life.” 

Speaking to her audience, Barrymore once again was incredibly open about her sobriety journey.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

“I knew, for me, my number one problem in life — and it could be different for everyone — but just mine happened to be drinking,” said Barrymore as she stood up addressing the audience. “Alcohol was a poison for me. And I turned to it because I didn’t want to feel. I felt better when I drank, so I would turn to it.”

Barrymore and the flight attendant’s reunion was so special, it prompted the actress and TV personality to tell the woman, “Well, I feel like I’m gonna need your phone number, too.”

She added, “There was a reason we met that day. And thank you for letting me be so honest and transparent with you then, and thank you for being that with me now … I love you and I’m so glad that we’re here today talking about this.”


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