Coldplay in Cardiff live updates as fans queue from 6am

Fans are already queuing ahead of Coldplay’s performance in Cardiff on Tuesday night. The band will be taking to the stage at the Principality Stadium over two sold-out nights, performing in front of thousands of fans.

A second Welsh show was added after tickets for the first night sold out in minutes. Frontman Chris Martin along with guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion and creative director Phil Harvey, played two shows in Manchester over the weekend before heading to the Welsh capital.

On Monday, Chris Martin stunned commuters when he arrived at Cardiff Central by train. See his arrival here.

James Walls, Lewis Branwen and Hannah Barten have been outside the Principality Stadium for Coldplay’s gig since 6am.

(Image: WalesOnline reporter)

James has travelled with his mum from Cornwall for the gig. He said: “My mum is having a nice lie in at the hotel but when she gets here we’ll swap. I’ve brought a load of signs and everything to get their attention.”

There have been warning for people travelling to the gigs to plan ahead as public transport and the roads will be busier than normal. By 2.30pm there were 35-minute delays on the M4 heading westbound around Newport, mainly in the Brynglas Tunnel area.

Scroll down for live updates throughout the day:

Large queues for merch outside Stadium

You maybe waiting a while if you want to pick up some Coldplay-themed goodies but if you can cope with a bit of queuing, get in line ASAP.

I’m a size medium, just in case you were wondering…

(Image: Rob Browne/WalesOnline)


If you want a Coldplay t-shirt like this stylish gentleman, why not head down to the merchandise shop outside the Stadium?

(Image: WalesOnline/Rob Browne)

Enough glitter?

Make-up lady: How about something just like this?

Girl: Yeah, go on then!

(Image: WalesOnline/Rob Browne)

St Mary Street celebrates Coldplay’s arrival in the city

People seen here enjoying drinks outside Prego Wine Bar on St Mary Street. Let’s hope their heads don’t ‘hurt like heaven’ tomorrow morning…

(Image: Jonathan Myers/WalesOnline)

Roads closed by Cardiff Castle

The current scene from Castle Street, City Centre.

(Image: Jonathan Myers/WalesOnline)

Huw Stephens’ Coldplay memories

Huw Stephens, who was recently a guest on our In the Spotlight podcast, has recalled how he was once a warm up DJ for Coldplay back in 2000. What a throwback!

Steph’s special guest intel

Life writer Stephanie Colderick, who is just a stone’s throw away from the Principality Stadium, is convinced she has heard Kelly Jones practicing while she’s been working at the WalesOnline offices. That said, it has been a long day…

(Image: Stephanie Colderick)

Coldplay fans continue to gather in Cardiff city centre

Emma and Sally look like they’re getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

(Image: Rob Browne/WalesOnline)

Pint before the concert?

As if by Magic, The City Arms are welcoming customers before the Coldplay gig at the Principality Stadium.

(Image: Rob Browne/WalesOnline)

Introducing… Janette and Barbara, who themselves introduced Coldplay last year

Janette Fairclough and Barbara Graham have travelled down from Warwickshire and Oxfordshire to see the band. The sisters admitted that they’ve previously seen them perform “many, many times” with their most recent time being at Wembley Stadium last year.

Barbara recalled how her and Janette were asked to introduce Coldplay on stage at Wembley. She said: “It was one of the best things that has ever happened to us!”

Janette and Barbara dressed head to toe in Coldplay garb (Image: Rob Browne/WalesOnline)

Our Welsh special guest theories

Just imagine, you’re there at Coldplay tonight/tomorrow and the chart-topping band announce they’re bringing on a Welsh special guest. Who would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

Here are some of our theories. Stereophonics star Kelly Jones is one of our guesses.

(Image: Richard Swingler)

What songs are Coldplay expected to perform tonight?

Although not officially confirmed, Coldplay are expected to perform the same songs as they did at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. These include classics such as Paradise, Fix You and Yellow.

Find out what other songs Coldplay are expected to sing here.

‘It’s a super cool thing!’ Welsh singer Hana Lili on supporting Coldplay

Performing in front of thousands of people at the Principality Stadium while supporting an international superstar band may seem daunting to some people.

However, Welsh singer-songwriter Hana Lili is ready to take to the stage and support Coldplay. Read what she had to say here.

35-minute delays on the M4

Those delays on the M4 are getting longer.

Traffic monitoring system Inrix is showing 35 minute delays westbound around Newport between junction 24 Coldra and junction 26 at Malpas Road, around the Brynglas Tunnels.

(Image: Traffic Wales)

‘It can only get bigger and better’

More fans are arriving at the stadium ahead of tonight’s gig.

(Image: WalesOnline)

Superfans Karla Hawthorne and Lynne Bullock are work friends who have travelled down from Derbyshire together. Karla said: “This is the first time I will have seen Coldplay so I can’t wait.

“They are playing in Manchester as well which is closer to us but we prefer coming to Cardiff. And we’ve made a bit of a girls trip out of it.

“Sky full of stars has gone viral as well, so I might even try and make a TikTok in there.”

(Image: WalesOnline reporter)

Kit Fanner has come from Portsmouth with his partner Charlotte Wilson, and has been impressed by the atmosphere so far. He said: “All the pubs that we’ve walked past have been playing Coldplay which has been great. Just got here and the sound check is happening so I’m feeling excited.

“I saw them here back in 2017 and it was such a good experience I wanted to come again. Their shows are dynamic, and the actual stage show and stage presence of the band is amazing particularly with the light band wrists which are just as good as they look when you see it being filmed, and it can only get bigger and better.” Take a look at what happened in 2017 here.

Where is the sun?

If fans are wondering where the sun is! Welsh forecaster Derek Brockway says the cloud is being ‘stubborn’ today but he is hoping it will make an appearance later this afternoon.

Traffic building on the M4

It is starting to get busy on the M4.

Traffic Wales is warning of some congestion westbound between junction 24 Coldra and junction 26 Malpas.

They say: ” Allow extra time for your journey”

(Image: Traffic Wales)

What to expect from tonight

Coldplay will mark 88 live shows when they hit Cardiff‘s Principality Stadium on Tuesday, June 6 – that’s a long rehearsal stint to get it just right for when they perform live for their Welsh fans for the first time since 2017.

If you are going tonight and want to know what to expect have a read of what Kathryn Williams’ remembers from the last time here. Clue: There is lots of colour and confetti.

(Image: Polly Thomas)

Will the roof be open?

The last time Coldplay came, the first show at least, it absolutely chucked it down forcing the stadium to close the roof before gig-goers on the second night had the benefit of an open-air gig.

Will the roof be open this time, and what will the weather be like for the next two evenings? We’ve got that detail for you right here. Read more here.

Full city centre road closure

To ensure that people can get into and out of the stadium safely, there will be a full city centre road closure from 4pm until midnight on both June 6thand June 7th.

The M4 motorway and surrounding Trunk Road Network is expected to be very busy for this event – please plan ahead – and avoid the congestion in Cardiff by using the Park & Ride facility at Leckwith Stadium of the Park & Walk facility at County Hall, in Cardiff Bay.For up to date traffic information on the motorway and trunk roads go to theTraffic Wales website, or @TrafficWalesS onTwitterandFacebook.

Here is the closure in the city centre.

(Image: Cardiff Council)

Sound check in progress

The band have been carrying out their sound check this morning and some fans who have gathered already are looking to look in to see if they can catch a glimpse of Chris Martin.

(Image: UGC)

Band will now be on stage at 8pm

Coldplay will be on stage at 8pm and not 8.15pm as previously thought.

Here are the set times for tonigth.

Advice for rail passengers

Transport for Wales is advising fans travelling to the concert by train to buy their tickets before they travel.

The barriers are already up outside Cardiff Central in a bid to help passengers with the queuing system after the concert.

(Image: WalesOnline reporter)

Everything you need to know about the sell-out gigs

There is a lot to know about the event so our What’s On team have come up with a handy guide to everything you need to know about Coldplay playing in Cardiff. tonight and tomorrow.

Take a look here for set times, banned items and who is supporting the band.

‘Atmosphere has always been amazing’

Here are Lewis Hill and Izzy Dearman on their way to the queue this morning.

The pair, who have seen Coldplay three times, live near London and stayed in Barry last night so they could get to Cardiff bright and early.

(Image: WalesOnline reporter)

Izzy said: “The atmosphere at Coldplay has always been amazing but I think it’s because of social platforms like Instagram and TikTok that have really hyped it up recently. You see everything on there.”

Lewis added: “Last August it was fairly easy to get tickets, weirdly. But this time I struggled because they were selling out so fast.

“I had to go through quite a few different websites to get them. Had a few loaded up on different tabs.

“Within a minute on Ticketmaster they had sold out, and there was a new date added. It was incredible.” Izzy said: “I cried at work when we got them.”

Travel advice for Coldplay fans

Transport in and out of Cardiff is expected to be very busy today and tomorrow.

Many roads in the city centre will be closed and roads in and out of the city will be busy.

Infrastructure works on Transport for Wales lines will impact services too, with TfW providing additional capacity on some routes. Queues are expected at Cardiff Central after the concerts. See all the travel advice here.

Couple travel 300 miles to see favourite band

Lewis Branwen surprised his girlfriend Hannah Barten with Coldplay tickets several months ago after waiting behind thousands in the online queue. They have travelled down to Cardiff from Newcastle, stopping off at Chester Zoo along the way but have never been to the Principality before.

(Image: WalesOnline reporter)

Lewis said: “I don’t even remember how much I paid for the tickets. I was like number 20,000 in the queue online and thought there was no way, so when I got through I literally bought them without even thinking.

“They’re my favourite band and one of Hannah’s. Our favourite song is Yellow so we’re really looking forward to that.

“It was a long day coming down here yesterday but it should be worth it. It will be such a great concert and something loads of people are looking forward to- there have been loads of videos online of people with the wristbands lighting up so it’s seen as a bit of an experience.”

Hannah Barten said: “I wasn’t tempted to camp outside. The only person I’d do that for is Taylor Swift, but we got here as early as we could this morning. I can’t wait.”

‘I can’t believe that I’m seeing Coldplay’

Fans have been queuing outside the Principality Stadium since 6am.

(Image: WalesOnline reporter)

Coco Liv, 22 woke up at 5am and travelled straight from Bristol to get here at 7:25am in case the queues were long. She said: “I can’t believe that I’m seeing Coldplay for the first today. I love them and have listened to them since I was 12 years old.

“Their songs literally saved my life when I was in middle school and had depression. They have such amazing lyrics and I’m really hoping to be up close to them near the stage.

“When I got the tickets I almost had no thoughts, I was so excited and my mind was going blank because I couldn’t believe it.”

Chris Martin arrives by train

Chris Martin shunned helicopters and chauffeur-driven cars to arrive in Cardiff by train yesterday.

He was spotted arriving at Cardiff Central going largely unnoticed amongst the other passengers. Take a look here.

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