Clip of Bill Burr roasting Kanye West resurfaces amid rapper’s Hitler comments

A clip showing Bill Burr roasting Kanye West has resurfaced in the wake of the rapper’s shocking Hitler claims.

The rapper made widely criticised comments expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler during an interview with Alex Jones earlier this week.

“Well, I see good things about Hitler,” he said on the show, later adding that he had a ‘fetish” for the Nazi leader.

When Jones said that West does not like Nazis or Hitler, the rapper replied: “I like Hitler.”

West has been condemnded his comments, and was suspended on Twitter. after sharing the antisemitic image of the Nazi sign over the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism.

In the wake of the disgraced rapper’s remarks, a clip of comedian Burr calling out West for previous egotistical claims was shared on social media by @WUTangKids, which has since gone viral.

“Next time Kanye’s going off on himself, just close your eyes, forget it’s him and really listen to what is coming out of this guy’s mouth,” Burr said in the clip.

“He says s*** like, ‘I’m a genius. I’m a God, I’m Shakespeare. My biggest regret is I won’t get to see myself perform live.’ That’s a direct quote: ‘My biggest regret is I won’t get to see myself perform live.’

Burr continued: “Dude, you put that ego in a white dude and it’s…” Here, he trailed off and did an impersonation of Hitler.

Following West’s comments, his fans on Reddit have turned on him by converting one of the biggest pages dedicated to him into a Taylor Swift appreciation and Holocaust awareness page.


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