Claudia Oshry on Taking Weight Loss Shots and Why She Kept It a Secret

For Claudia Oshry, losing weight and improving her health has led to some unexpected career side effects.

“Up until this point, everything I’ve ever said onstage and every joke I’ve ever made is about being fat and now that I’m on Ozempic and I’m so skinny I don’t know what I’m gonna make jokes about anymore,” Claudia recently joked while speaking with ET, alongside sister Jackie Oshry — who is also her co-host on their podcast The Toast.

“I’m having writer’s block because I’m skinny now and it’s something I’m working through,” she added. “[But] I will definitely be back on the road.”

According to Oshry, her weight was one of the factors that led her to pursue comedy as a career, and she’s had an internal struggle when it comes to her recent weight loss experience.

“I think [when it comes to] fatness and funniness there’s an enormous crossover and I think a lot of people become funny because they’re fat and they feel like it’s like their only option,” she shared. “I feel like that’s definitely what happened to me because I was fat for most of my life.”

“And when you stop being fat and you’re still funny, let me tell you, that’s a lethal combo. Opportunities come knocking,” she added. 

Claudia recently opened up about her use of Ozempic, a medicine designed to regulate blood sugar in people with diabetes but which has been used widely for its secondary weight loss effects.

“I was on the drug for about a year before I decided to do a podcast and share it with my community,” Claudia said. “Because I really felt it was nobody’s business like what I chose to do with my body and my doctor.”

“[But] I’m always seeing really negative about the drugs and people being shamed for taking it that I thought I was doing everyone a disservice by not sharing my side of the story and my truth and it’s been such a wonderful thing,” she continued. “I thought after we released the podcast episode about it I would immediately regret it and honestly I haven’t looked back since.”

Claudia admitted, however, that her weight loss changed her life in unexpected ways, and that she’s still adjusting to her new body and figure.

“I thought being skinny would solve all of my problems — and it solved a lot of them, especially my health ones. But I’m struggling with a lot of shame and a lot of regret and now, just seeing how people address me and talk about me does make me feel uncomfortable,” Claudia shared. “I was literally stopped on the street yesterday, this girl was jogging and she didn’t even say hello, she was like, ‘Congratulations, you look amazing!’ It’s so nice but…  It’s weird. I’m not used to that. I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m still working through my thoughts on it. It’s a fluid situation.”

For more on Claudia and Jackie’s podcast — including the low-down on their favorite and least favorite guests ever — check out the video below.


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