Brittany Cartwright says she's reached a 'breaking point' with Jax Taylor

Brittany Cartwright it felt like she had no choice but to do so announce a divorce by Jax Tayloras they were counting down the days to the premiere of their new performance.

In conversation with ET's Brice Sander at the premiere of The valley on Thursday the Vanderpump Rules The 35-year-old star said that while she won't reveal exactly what incident was the catalyst for their divorce, she thinks fans will see the buildup throughout the season.

“Throughout the season you'll see things here and there, but when the cameras went down it just got worse,” Cartwright said. “I just hit my breaking point and there's only so much I can handle after nine years, you know?”

Concerned about sharing details, Cartwright told ET that a lot of their issues go back to things fans love Vanderpump Rules have noted in the past, including Taylor's criticism of her and those she loves.

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“I don't know how much I can give away right now, but it's like I'm constantly being let down,” she said. “Honestly, I deserve to be elevated as the queen that I am.”

As for what would lead to a reconciliation, Cartwright says her husband has a list of five things that need to happen before they even consider getting back together. Still, she says she's not sure if this is what she wants long-term and that for now she's focusing on the most important man in her life: their two-year-old son Cruz.

“I go back and forth. I have my days where I am the way I would naturally want to be – I have loved him and been through everything with him and been by his side through so many things,” the VPR said alum. “But how much can one person take, you know? At the end of the day, Cruz is the most important thing in my life and he's what matters.”

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As for Taylor, he says he's also unsure of the intended outcome of their divorce. Speaking separately from his estranged wife to ET, the 44-year-old House of Villains star clearly stated that while he can understand why some think it's all a publicity stunt, their struggle couldn't be more real.

“I want to make it very clear that this is not a publicity stunt. I think this would be the most disgusting way to publicize your show, so I want to make that very clear: that is not what's going on here,” Taylor said . . “People go through difficult things in their marriages, we try to figure it out a little bit. But it doesn't stop us from working together, we're adults.”

He added that they have been “having communication issues” for a while now and despite these issues, they are still making it work, not only for their son, but for his son's promotion as well. The valley.

“It doesn't affect the way we raise our child, it doesn't affect our jobs – we're a brand, we do things together, we're adults,” he said. “We just have to work on the marriage a little.”


Just a week after the couple announced their split, ET exclusively confirmed it Bravo had picked up the cameras again to deal with the consequences of the divorce. Season 1 of The valley wrapped last year and it looks like the new footage will air at the end of the show's debut season.

Watch a trailer of the Vanderpump Rules spinoff The valley, who is also stars Kristen Dout, in the player below:

The valley premieres on Bravo on March 19 and streams on Peacock the next day.

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