Andy Cohen on Kyle Richards, ‘Real Housewives’ Biggest Dramas

Andy Cohen didn’t shy away from the hottest topics on the table at BravoCon 2023 as he discussed it all Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umanski‘s divorce for his own dating life.

Speaking to ET’s Brice Sander from BravoCon 2023, Cohen, 55, provided insight into what’s to come for fans of the various Real Housewives shows and discussed the biggest moments of the previous year, including headlines like Kyle and Mauricio’s split.

Contrary to claims, Cohen said so Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was not on a filming break when news of their divorce broke in July. Initial reports indicated that Bravo was resuming filming for the series to document the aftermath of the bomb blast.

“We were already working on it, it was a topic for the entire season,” Cohen told ET. “When the news broke that they were breaking up, I mean it happened in full swing on the show. You’ll see.”

The Bravolebrity added that while they were in fact filming when the split became public, it certainly would have been big enough news to get the cameras rolling again during a break in filming.

“Kyle is a huge part of the Bravo family and we’ve been following her story for 13, 14 years,” Cohen said. “Yeah, so this was a big one.”

Sitting down with ET on Day 2 of BravoCon, Kyle said the breakup was hard on her and everyone involved, but that they work through it and remain “amicable” for the time being.

“All I know is that we love each other. We still live under the same roof and we both want the best for each other,” she said. “I’m so glad things are amicable now and I hope it stays that way,” noting that she and Umansky are “just taking it one day at a time and putting our family first.”

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Another major point of interest that the TV presenter came across was the explosive that fell between the two Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates and sisters-in-law Teresa Guidice And Melissa Gorga. The 14th season will continue with both women, but is described as a “divisive show”.

“We took a chance by bringing everyone back and seeing how everyone would roll,” he said. “I mean, you really have two families that hate each other’s guts and they’re, you know, two factions of people.”

During the season 13 reunion, Guidice told 44-year-old Gorga that she couldn’t wait to never look at her face again. Than in an interview with ETGuidice, 51, said she is “not even thinking” about reconciling with her brother and his wife.

Gorga spoke to ET at BravoCon and echoed Cohen’s sentiments that the show has two sides as it heads into its 14th season.

“It’s a shame. There’s no real team here, so it just is what it is,” she said, adding that despite their differences and history, they still manage to work through filming.

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Cohen also answered a question on the minds of millions of fans: why? Real Housewives of New York star Jenna Lyons Skipping BravoCon?

Lyons, 55, was the only RHONY cast member to skip the panel at the Las Vegas event, as did her co-star housewives Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Erin Lichy, Jessel Taank and Brynn Whitfield all took the stage.

Her absence led fans to speculate about her future with the show and what’s in store for the next season.

However, Cohen told ET that fans shouldn’t jump to conclusions or worry about her going anywhere just yet, as the network still has a great relationship with her.

“Her not being at BravoCon is not a good statement about her relationship with the show or with us,” the entertainer said. “We have a great relationship and I hope she comes back. You know, I hope she comes back.”


As for the potential for more Real Housewives shows in the future, Cohen said he thinks it’s OK to take a beat and stick with the whopping 10 shows already in production.

Bravo currently performs shows from Orange County, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, Dubai, Beverly Hills, Miami, Potomac and Salt Lake City. The network was also recently launched Real Housewives ultimate girls trip.

“Every time Bravo calls and says, ‘How about developing here or there,’ I feel like we’re really good right now,” he said with a laugh.

“You might laugh at me when I say we don’t want to oversaturate the market because there are 10 of them,” Cohen joked. “I think we are doing very well now. It’s a good time housewives world.”

In terms of his love life, it seems that the Watch what’s happening live host didn’t have much new to report in the dating department.

“Well, I found the two greatest loves of my life with my children,” Cohen said.

The Bravo host welcomed son Ben, 4, in February 2019 and daughter Lucy, 1, in April 2022 with the help of a surrogate.

Despite finding “the two greatest loves” of his life with his children, he says he isn’t giving up on romantic love either.

“Listen dude, I’m on Hinge, Grindr, Tinder and Raya,” Cohen joked. ‘Something has to happen. My number has to go here.’

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