Home Entertainment ’90 Day: The Last Resort’: Jovi and Big Ed Almost Come to Blows

’90 Day: The Last Resort’: Jovi and Big Ed Almost Come to Blows

’90 Day: The Last Resort’: Jovi and Big Ed Almost Come to Blows

Jovi and Big Ed were extremely close to coming to blows on Monday’s intense episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, so much so that security stepped in when Jovi lunged at Ed. On Monday’s episode, Big Ed outed Jovi in front of Yara that he texted a stripper he has a personal connection with during their boys’ night out at a strip club, and later took it a step further by bringing up Jovi’s young daughter, Mylah. Obviously, Jovi got upset at that, and a physical altercation very nearly took place.

The incident happened while the cast — minus Kalani and Asuelu, who were having their own very serious issues — went on a boat ride together. Seemingly out of nowhere, Ed took it upon himself to tell Yara that Jovi was texting a stripper he knew while the boys were at a strip club. Jovi had a personal connection with the stripper, as they had previously traveled to Jamaica together. Yara — who was already upset at Jovi for taking all the boys to a strip club and trying to hide it from her — ended up throwing her drink on Jovi. Although Ed acknowledged he felt guilty to cameras, he defended himself to Jovi, noting that Jovi tried to get him to lie to Liz about going to the strip club in the first place.

“Your whole point was to try to take me down,” Ed told him. “I saw through your plan.”

Ed pointed out that Jovi told everyone that he wasn’t on his best behavior at the strip club — Ed did grab a stripper’s butt though he told Liz he wouldn’t touch anyone — so he “had it coming.” But the situation escalated when Yara demanded to see Jovi’s text messages and Jovi refused.

“I’m not denying that I deserved that [Yara throwing a drink in his face], but enough is enough,” Jovi said.

As Yara broke down in tears, Jovi tried to apologize but she wouldn’t accept. Jovi insisted to cameras that he wasn’t trying to hook up with the stripper, but admitted that they had in fact hooked up in the past. Jovi then called out Big Ed for instigating the whole situation, calling it “unnecessary.” Ed, on the defensive, then brought up Yara and Jovi’s young daughter.

“Why don’t you tell your daughter where you were?” he asked Jovi.

Jovi immediately told Ed not to bring his daughter into it, threatening to “punch him in the f**king face.” He lunged at Ed and security stepped in to hold Jovi back.

“Bring it on,” Ed said defiantly.

Yara, who was previously on Ed’s side, also told Ed he took it too far. Meanwhile, Liz, who jumped in the middle of Ed and Jovi, also got upset, telling Ed to stop talking. Liz was exasperated at always having to have Ed’s back, acknowledging that he didn’t know when to “shut his mouth.”

Ed did apologize to Yara after Jovi left, and Yara accepted. She was still upset at Jovi and his obsession with strip clubs, breaking down in tears over it while talking to cameras about why he felt the need to still talk to strippers when he was married. But the situation did end up causing a big fight between Ed and Liz. Liz called it a “huge setback” that Ed’s actions ended up hurting her and putting herself in a bad situation. Ed insisted that Liz shouldn’t have interjected herself into the fight.

“It made me look weak,” he told her. “It made me feel like I can’t defend myself.”

At this point, Liz broke down in tears of frustration, noting that he previously complained about her not having his back.

“F**k you, Ed,” she told him, walking out.

Ed mocked her, telling her, “There you go. Therapy’s working, babe. That’s our therapy.”

For more on the night in question that caused all the drama in the first place, watch the video below.


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