5 Best Better Call Saul Episodes, Ranked By IMDb Rating

These episodes might be the reason why many people think Better Call Saul managed to outdo Breaking Bad.

Any Better Call Saul episode can be regarded as good, fine, or excellent. But we decided to put together the greatest episodes of the show, based on IMDB ratings.

5. Rock and Hard Place (S6E3) — 9.7 IMDB

In the episode, Nacho accepts the role of sacrificial lamb that Gus made him assume.

However, Nacho doesn’t play by the rules, as he manages to grab Bolsa’s gun. Before Nacho unexpectedly puts a bullet in his own head, he delivers one of the most powerful speeches on the show.

4. Point and Shoot (S6E8) — 9.7 IMDB

The entire episode was really tense. In the episode, Lalo sends Kim to kill Gus as bait, while he heads to the laundry to catch Gus off guard, but he eventually fails and dies at the hand of Gus.

The final scene hits hard as we see Lalo being buried on the excavation site right next to Howard, recently murdered by Lalo himself.

3. Bagman (S5E8) — 9.7 IMDB

In this episode Jimmy is on the mission to deliver Lalo’s bail. After getting the money from Salamanca cousins, Jimmy goes on his way back. That’s when things go south as he gets attacked by the unknown group of gunmen.

The episode is very intense, brutal and well-paced. And Bob Odenkirk’s performance in this episode is just on a different level.

2. Saul Gone (S6E13) — 9.8 IMDB

The finale of the show concluded the story of Jimmy McGill in the greatest way possible, not very positive though.

As Jimmy faces the consequences of the criminal life he lived, he admits who he really is in the court. A great ending for a show that also concluded the Breaking Bad story, even though Better Call Saul never felt like a spin-off.

1. Plan and Execution (S6E7) — 9.9 IMDB

Not only did Jimmy and Kim do things that Howards totally did not deserve, but it also indirectly led to Howard’s death in this episode.

With a desperately brave speech that Howard gave, he finally deserved the audience’s sympathy, and at this exact moment he was murdered in cold blood by Lalo.

We’ve already broken down this scene in detail before. It is just heart-wrenching, to say the least. It’s no wonder this episode is so highly rated.

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