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London is a prime location for fintech unicorns – including Revolut, Wise and Oaknorth.

Fintech companies are among the most successful in the world. According to, a respectable 334 fintech unicorns have been named in the 21st century alone.

To save you a search through the depths of the internet, here are ten London fintech companies you need to know about.


Founded: 2018

Investors: Insight Venture Partners, BACKED VC, Force Over Mass Capital, Love Ventures Kuvi Capital, Paul Forster, Acrew, OM2, Firestartr

Banked offers real-time payments for consumers, businesses and banks. It aims to improve customer experience, business efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

It promises that businesses will increase conversions, reduce costs, manage fraud and risk, and handle integrations with ease.



Founded: 2018

Investors: Tiger Global, QED Investors, Anthemis, Mubadala, Latitude, Headline, Seedcamp, Force Over Mass Capital, UFP Fintech

Weavr is a ‘plug-and-play’ financing platform that allows you to enhance your digital business offering by adding embeddable financial products. No coding experience is required.


Founded: 2020

Investors: Ascension Ventures, Haatch, Active Partners, Velocity Juice, Sivo, Active Partners

Plend’s promise is to ‘level the playing field’ on lending and make the whole process more inclusive. It is a lending system that ‘gets to know the real you’, instead of assuming affordability based on ‘zip code, profession or history’.

Allica Bank

Founded: 2017

Investors: Atalya Capital, Warwick Capital, TCV

Allica is a ‘no-nonsense’ bank for more established businesses with 10-250 employees, with dedicated relationship managers across the UK. It gives you the chance to earn more than five percent on your business savings.


Founded: 2012

Investors: 83North, related capital, note capital, FTV capital

Paddle is a payment infrastructure for software companies that eliminates payment fragmentation for its more than 4,000 customers. It promises to make your billing operations faster, more secure and easier.

Upward airflow


Founded: 2017

Investors: Quilam Capital, MoreThan Capital, Auluk Investments

Think of Updraft as a money management app for millennials, helping them reduce credit costs and make better decisions with their money.


Founded: 2015

Investors: Accel, Dawn Capital, Connect Ventures, Sunley House Capital Management, Citi Ventures

Soldo aims to eliminate the need for refunds by combining secure corporate cards with a business spend management platform. It says it can automate 80 percent of your financial processes.


Founded: 2021

Investors: Index Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Visionaries Club

With Apron you can pay your suppliers. You can even consolidate all your invoices and pay suppliers in batches. Payments are automatically reconciled in your banking app.


Founded: 2013

Investors: Quilam capital

Grow, borrow, spend and share money in a greener way with Tandem, with the ability to take out mortgages, home loans, home improvement loans and car financing. Tandem partners with the Loop app to make it easier to divide and share money between loved ones.


Founded: 2016

Investors: 83North, Molten Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide Building Society, Barclays, Mastercard, Draper Espirit

Form3 is a payment technology platform that integrates with multiple payment schemes. It comes with scalable technology and keeps pace with changing regulations to protect you from changes in the broader payments landscape.

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