Only a quarter of companies expect staff to be in the office full-time

Only one in four companies expect their staff to be in the office full-time in the coming years, research shows.

Research among more than a thousand companies shows that about one in six think their employees will mainly work remotely.

The research from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and technology company Cisco shows that there is a clear divide between sectors, with sectors such as finance and legal more likely to expect remote working.

Jane Gratton from the BCC said: “Our data shows that hybrid working is now part of the modern workplace. For millions of people, remote logging in has become routine for at least part of the work week. This flexibility is appreciated by employers and their teams. Less than 30 percent of companies expect their workforce to work fully in-person over the next five years.

“Flexible working makes good business sense. In a tight labor market, where employers compete for skilled workers, hybrid working and flexible working in general have become an important part of employment benefits packages.

“In addition to boosting recruitment and retention, it can help employers unlock new and diverse talent pools. However, employers still value regular face-to-face contact with their staff, and our findings show that only 8 percent of companies expect their staff to work fully remotely.”

Cisco’s Aine Rogers added: “We know employees thrive in a hybrid work environment as it improves their well-being, work-life balance and performance.”

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