Republican tells Lord Cameron to ‘kiss my a…’ after Hitler’s comments

Lord Cameron said the West had shown the same “weakness” when it failed to act after Russia invaded Georgia in 2008.

Meanwhile, the “uncertainty of the response” to the 2014 annexation of Crimea caused Putin to “come back and cost us much more with his aggression in 2022.”

“I want us to show the strength we have shown since 2022, as the West helped the Ukrainians liberate half of the territory seized by Putin, all without the loss of NATO personnel,” he wrote.

The foreign minister suggested that the West underestimated its power to stop Russia, arguing that “we have the resources, the economic power and the expertise.”

He said the Kremlin has failed to take action on previous support for Ukraine, such as the supply of tanks and long-range missiles, despite the threat of retaliation.

“We have proven that the dangers of escalation are an illusion,” he said. “Every time, Putin has rattled his sword about escalation – and every time it has been empty rhetoric.

“Our economic strength exceeds that of Russia by a factor of 25 to one. They must turn to Pyongyang for help. All we have to do is make our strength pay off.”

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