Brighton: Cityclean waste service ‘mired in racism, sexism and homophobia’

In a four-page summary published on Thursday, a “culture of racism, homophobia and sexism” was highlighted by one witness.

One manager said he came into work with a “bad taste in his mouth” as he knew he would be shouted at, pointed and yelled at.

Another manager described very personal comments made about her appearance while another alleged a “very misogynistic” culture at Cityclean’s Hollingdean depot.

Ms McColgan’s summary said: “I heard a number of Cityclean staff had been subject to racist name calling by their colleagues and that a truck had been regularly defaced with racist graffiti while parked in the depot.

“A number of witnesses said that much of the criticism aimed at women in senior management was related to the fact that they were women.

“One witness spoke of a culture of racism, homophobia and sexism and told me that a group of loaders (bin collectors) ‘catfished’ gay staff on Grindr.

“One witness, who told me he was gay, found himself the subject of homophobic ‘banter’ while another said that a lot of people on refuse had refused to work with him because he was gay.”

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