10 of the best dog-friendly hotels in Norfolk

From sandy beaches to shady woodland and from scenic parkland to muddy creeks, North Norfolk offers dogs and their owners a huge variety of scenic walking terrain. Alongside this is an equally wide variety of pubs, guesthouses and hotels at different budget levels which welcome four-legged guests just as warmly as their two-legged companions. Dog beds, water bowls, cosy blankets, canine treats, sometimes even towels and shampoo are provided in rooms, often opening onto courtyards and lawned gardens.

Restaurant areas are dog-friendly and knowledgeable reception staff can provide information and maps to help find the best local walks. You may even find that the hotel chef is willing to whip up a doggie dinner for your four-legged friend. So, whether your pooch is at their happiest chasing balls on the seashore or trotting around the delis and antique shops of pretty Georgian market towns, here’s a selection of the best dog-friendly hotels in Norfolk.

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