Brooke Shields reveals amusing reason she doesn’t cook on holidays

Brooke Shields has shared the amusing response she gives her two daughters when they ask why she doesn’t cook during the holidays.

The model, 57, opened up about the complaints she fields from her children during an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show on Tuesday, where she revealed that her daughters Grier, 16, and Rowan, 19, are “always complaining” that she doesn’t cook.

“They’re always complaining to me. ‘How come you don’t cook? Other mothers cook,’” Shields told host Rachael Ray.

The actor then shared the way she handles the complaint, with Shields revealing that she reminds her children she’s busy creating Christmas movies for them to watch.

“I’m sorry. I’m busy doing Christmas movies for you to watch,” Shields said to laughter and applause from the audience.

As for who does handle the cooking in the family, Shields told Ray that her husband Chris Henchy is typically in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, and that he makes smoked brisket and pork shoulder.

However, according to Shields, the meal preparation isn’t without its complications, as she revealed that the family then travels to her stepmother’s in Florida with the meat, which means going through airport security with the dishes.

“You’re travelling with meat, and [airport security] know us and they’re like ‘Brisket? Brisket again? Really?’” she continued. “They see us coming and then you see the little pork shoulder go through the x-ray. That’s our tradition.”

This is not the first time Shields, who starred in the 2021 Netflix rom-com A Castle for Christmas, has opened up about her dedication to the holiday films, as she previously told The Washington Post that, if she could, she would “be doing romcoms and sitcoms 24/7”.

“To me, that is my happy place,” she added.

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