Inside £32.5m lottery winner’s lifestyle with lover after split from wife

A DAD who split with his wife after they won a £32.5million lottery jackpot now lives in a luxurious mansion with his new lover.

Gerry and Lisa Cannings bagged the whopping sum in 2016 – but they have since separated.


Gerry and Lisa Cannings bagged a £32.5m lottery jackpot in 2016 – but have since splitCredit: Terry Harris
Gerry, 70, is now loved up with Samantha Cardell


Gerry, 70, is now loved up with Samantha CardellCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Gerry lives with Samantha in a stunning country mansion


Gerry lives with Samantha in a stunning country mansionCredit: Terry Harris

They are now living in mansions eight miles apart with new lovers who they now share their millions with.

Twice-married ex-history teacher Gerry, 70, is enjoying a champagne-quaffing lifestyle with new love Samantha Cardell, 55 – a parent at the school where he taught before his win.

Mum-of-three Sam previously lived in a £750,000 detached home with her Ford Galaxy-driving accountant ex Andrew, at the end of the country lane where Gerry bought his Lotto mansion.

She is now a named owner of the £2m newbuild country mansion she shares with Gerry in Lincolnshire.

Pictures show the stunning large brick home with a luxury car parked in the drive.

And other snaps show the couple enjoying a jetset lifestyle, taking speedboat rides across the Venice lagoon and black-tie jazz nights at country mansions in Devon.

A pal said: “Everyone has tried to make out there was this dramatic split with affairs and things – but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The reality is Gerry and Lisa split and have both happily found new people to move on with.

“Gerry isn’t known as much of a spender so it’s fantastic he’s found someone to help him enjoy all those millions he’s got in the bank.”

A local farmer, who knows Gerry, added: “Everyone around here knows Gerry is the lottery winner and Samantha is his new partner.

“He’s a decent fella and we’re chuffed for him but a bit envious that he doesn’t need to work.”

Meanwhile Lisa – now blonde – has found love with football-mad trucker Carl Weaver.

Lisa, 55, is still at the £2m mansion she bought with Gerry after their 2016 jackpot win, but now with Carl – who until at least last year was still driving lorries.

Pictures of their sprawling home shows it boasts a stables and a full tennis court.

It comes after a lucky Brit last week claimed a £55million EuroMillions jackpot prize.

Last June, a UK ticket-holder also scooped a EuroMillions jackpot of £111.7million.

The record for the biggest EuroMillions win remains the £195million, won by an anonymous Brit in 2022.

Some winners have done some wacky things with their windfalls.

Gareth Bull, who won £41million in 2012, asked his friends to help him build a manor house with a pool, bar and games room.

The builder bulldozed his bungalow to make room for the luxury property.

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He posted on Facebook at the time: “Bungalow down, garage roof on — and can just about see the pub.”

Lisa is now with lover Carl


Lisa is now with lover CarlCredit: Terry Harris
Lisa lives in a country estate with a tennis court, just miles from her ex-husband


Lisa lives in a country estate with a tennis court, just miles from her ex-husbandCredit: Terry Harris

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