I won £230,000 on a scratch card from petrol station minutes before it shut

A MAN couldn’t believe his luck when he won six figures on a lottery ticket after snagging it moments before the petrol station shut.

The 44-year-old from Michigan, US, told officials he nearly missed his chance at the jackpot – but managed to snag over £235,000.


After purchasing the scratchcard moments before the petrol station closed, the man hit it bigCredit: Getty
The lucky winner is now rolling in dough


The lucky winner is now rolling in doughCredit: Getty

He said: “I made it to the store just before they were about to close and decided to purchase a Lottery ticket while I was there.

“I scratched the ticket right after I purchased it and couldn’t believe it when I saw I’d won £235,000 ($300,000).”

The man was so shocked, he asked the petrol station employee to double check his winning ticket.

He then called his entire family to share the good news, and the lucky man plans to purchase a home with his newfound winnings.

He said: “Winning is an unbelievable feeling and I’m still waiting for it to sink in.”

A couple who became lottery millionaires overnight revealed the first thing they bought with their newfound winnings – and it may surprise you.

Debbie and Joseph Goolding won £1million on a National Lottery scratchcard in 2020, and immediately bought new underwear.

Debbie, 49, said: “After we won, one of the first things we spent money on was Joseph upgraded to Calvin Klein boxers. Before that it was Fruit of the Loom or Donnay.

“He doesn’t normally care about stuff like that but he threw loads of them in and I thought ‘he’s really going to town with this’.”

Since then the couple, from Aldershot, Hampshire, have bought an investment property, a diamond ring, iPads for their children and a Harley Davidson motorbike.

Reminiscing the moment they discovered they were millionaires, Debbie, 49, said: “He was watching Independence Day, it was just at that moment when the alien comes out the spaceship and Will Smith punches it.

“I came and sat on the end of the sofa and scratched the card and said ‘I think we’ve won some money’ then he jumped up.

“We went into the kitchen to ring the number and he was just losing his head, he tried to pour a drink but couldn’t remember where the glasses were kept. The next day I rang them again because I didn’t believe it was real.”

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