I found old lottery ticket stuffed in my wallet… it completely changed my life

A MAN who found an old lottery ticket stuffed in his wallet has said that it completely changed his life.

Yandiel Cruz-Chavez, 33, from Michigan, US, did not realise at first that he had struck gold with the crinkled-up ticket.


Yandiel Cruz-Chavez was completely oblivious to the fact that the lottery ticket was a huge winnerCredit: Michigan Lottery

Yandiel bought a Fantasy 5 lottery ticket for the May 30 draw from Big Top Market in Wyoming before stashing it away.

But he forgot about the ticket for a week before pulling it out to be valued..

Yandiel was later stunned when he realised his ticket was actually worth a whopping $199,407.

He said he immediately called his family.

He told the Vigour Times: “I purchased a Fantasy 5 ticket and completely forgot about it until a week later.

“When I checked the ticket at the store, a message prompted me to file a claim, so I looked up the winning numbers online.

“At first, I couldn’t believe that I had won the jackpot.

“But once it sank in, I was overwhelmed with excitement and immediately called my entire family to share the good news.”

Yandiel’s ticket had all five numbers that matched the drawing: 08-20-29-33-39.

This made him the lucky winner of the $199,407 jackpot.

“This prize couldn’t have come at a better time and it’s truly a blessing for me and my family,” added the winner.

Lucky Yandiel plans to use his winnings to complete home improvement projects and bolster his savings.

It comes after a Ukrainian refugee won a major jackpot after being forced to flee his country due to Putin’s brutal war.

The winner, who lives in Brussels, bought the scratchcard for only £4.30, and revealed he has big plans for his winnings.

Meanwhile, one mum in Queensland, Australia, won a mega £19 million after buying a winning Powerball ticket.

The Aussie bagged the incredible amount but vowed to “keep working” because she loved her job so much.

Another lottery winner shared the bizarre way he spends £10,000 per year to entertain his staff.

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