Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Featured in ‘Sunday Night Football’ Promo

With Travis Kelce’s Chiefs taking on the Jets this weekend, there’s no better way to say “Welcome to New York” than with a Taylor Swift song!

The newly released Sunday Night Football promo puts the budding couple front and center, as Taylor’s 1989 hit single plays over footage of Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as the New York Jets, led by quarterback Zach Wilson.

Despite the fact that Taylor reportedly declined Fox’s request to use her music during last week’s broadcast — where she made a headline-making appearance at Arrowhead Stadium to root Travis on in the Chiefs’ win over the Bears — it seems the singer was OK with NBC and Peacock licensing her song for Sunday’s game.

A source told ET on Thursday that Taylor is once again planning to be on hand to cheer Travis on at Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

A second source tells ET, “The Jets haven’t been notified specifically about Taylor coming to Sunday’s game, but are prepared to welcome her if she decides to come. Patrick Mahomes booked a suite for his family and friends and Taylor could be joining that suite.”

Taylor stole the show at the Chiefs-Bears game, wearing Kansas City gear as she sat next to Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, in his private suite, cheering on the tight end with chest bumps, high fives, and plenty of shouting

On Wednesday, Travis addressed the moment in a new episode of his New Heights podcast — which he co-hosts with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce — revealing what Mama Kelce, dad Ed Kelce, and his close friends had to say about the pop star. 

“Shout-out to Taylor for pulling up, that was pretty ballsy,” he said. “I just thought it was awesome how everyone in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her. You know, the friends and family.”

“She looked amazing, everybody was talking about her in a great light,” he added with a smile.

In a post-game interview, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joked that he felt “a little bit of pressure” to get the ball to Travis — who did in fact score a touchdown against the Bears — and deliver a win for the Swifties. “I think he wanted to get into the end zone just as much as all the Swifties wanted him to,” he said.

Later, Taylor and Travis were seen leaving the stadium together in his “getaway car” and kept the festivities going as they shut down a popular restaurant for a private post-game party.

An eyewitness at Prime Social Rooftop, a trendy restaurant in Kansas City, told ET, “Travis bought out the restaurant for his family and team. Taylor arrived, wearing a denim dress, and was seen snacking, having some cocktails and dancing alongside Travis. The two were very affectionate with one another but kept things fun and lighthearted. Travis’ teammates also showed up to the after-party, as well as his mom and dad, Donna and Ed. The party lasted until 2 a.m.” 



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