Three Members of K-Pop Group Stray Kids Involved in Car Accident

Some fans of the K-pop group Stray Kids may have to wait a while longer before seeing them all perform on stage.

The upcoming tour schedule for the popular group has changed significantly after three members were non-seriously injured in a car accident earlier this week.

According to a translated statement released by JYP Entertainment, Lee Know, Hyunjin and Seungmin were involved in “minor car collision” while returning to their dorms after a scheduled engagement.

Those involved in the crash were given a “thorough medical examination” after the incident, and it was determined that “none of the members and accompanying staff in the vehicle were seriously injured.”

That being said, the three performers involved “sustained mild muscle pain and bruises,” and subsequently, “medical professionals have advised that they receive conservative treatment for the time being.”

“JYPE will place the artists’ health as the highest priority and will provide everything we can do to support their recovery,” the statement added.

The group’s appearances at the Milan Fashion Week and Seungmin’s Birthday YouTube Live event have been canceled. However, Stray Kids members Bang Chan, Changbin and HAN will be taking the band’s slot at the Global Citizen Festival, performing as 3RACHA.

Global Citizen Festival confirmed the scheduling change on X(Twitter), and added, “Our support goes out to the members of Stray Kids and our hearts are with Stays everywhere.”

ET’s Rachel Smith spoke with the chart-topping K-pop group on the pink carpet at the 2023 MTV VMAs earlier this month, and they opened up about which musical stars they couldn’t wait to meet on the big night. Multiple members of the group shouted out Lil Wayne, while Bang Chan called out Olivia Rodrigo as a star he hoped to rub elbows with.

“And many more,” he added. “We looked forward to these people while we were growing up, so to meet them here, it’s a big honor.”

The group also pulled off a surprising upset when they took home the award for Best K-pop Video for their hit, “S-Class. Check out the video below for more on the group’s big night.



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