Shannon Beador’s Alleged DUI: 911 Caller Makes Hit-and-Run Claims

More details are coming to light about Shannon Beador‘s alleged hit-and-run. Shortly after the Real Housewives of Orange County star was arrested and taken into custody on charges of drunk driving and a misdemeanor hit-and-run, a TikTok user alleged that the crash occurred at her boyfriend’s home.

“#ShannonBeador hit my boyfriends house & drove off!” user lilgaberz wrote alongside photos of some of the alleged damage to her beau’s house. “This was around 11:56pm saturday night, i called 911. Neighbors security cams got the whole thing and they gave it to police. Thank goodness no one was hurt, this was extremely reckless to drive in her condition.”

While the TikTok user claimed that her neighbors got the whole thing on camera and handed the footage over to the police, the Newport Beach Police Department wouldn’t confirm or deny if they have obtained said footage, as it is an ongoing investigation.

After hitting the home, which “is fine,” according to the TikTok user, Beador allegedly “just zoomed away as if she hit a curb.”

As for how far Beador made it after allegedly hitting the house, the TikTok user noted in the comments, “We couldn’t see, so probably a few blocks. I called 911 & a pedestrian got a clear plate photo so I ran over and gave that info to them.”

“We stayed w/ police at the scene and heard maybe 5min later on the radio that they found her,” the user responded to one commenter. “We didn’t know it was her until the morning!”

An eyewitness, who did not want to be identified by name, tells ET that when RHOC star Shannon Beador crashed into a residential building in Newport Beach it “sounded so loud that I thought at first the car was smashed into a wall and that the driver was hurt.”

“We heard the crash on the house, and I called 911 at 11:56pm Saturday night. My boyfriend looked out the window and saw the driver backing up out of the crash and driving away. We ran outside and a pedestrian got a photo of the license plate, and we gave that to the 911 operator. Police came and got the info, and security camera footage from neighbors across the street,” the eyewitness explained.

The building is “a duplex right next to the second unit’s door, which is right below the window of the room my boyfriend and I were in. The house shook from the crash,” the eyewitness says. “We’re in an area where people walk all the time, so it could have been worse.”

After news of Beador’s arrest broke, her lawyer, Michael Fell, told ET, “I spent quite a bit of time with Shannon yesterday. She is extremely apologetic and remorseful. We will be awaiting the official information on this case as it becomes available, and Shannon is prepared to accept full responsibility for her actions.” 

Meanwhile, a source told ET,  “Shannon got home from a night out and realized she left her phone at the place she was at. She wasn’t able to call an Uber without her phone and decided to drive back to the place, resulting in the accident.”

“Shannon is devastated and knows she made a big mistake,” the source added. “She has always been against drinking and driving and never does. She’s telling friends this lapse in judgment won’t happen again.”



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