Rebel Wilson briefly talks about Ozempic and changes her name at age 17

Rebel Wilson no longer holds back. The 44-year-old Australian actress opens up about her entire life in her new memoir, Rebels in revoltincluding her difficult childhood.

According to The Sunday timesWilson writes in the memoir, out April 4, that her mother initially wanted to call her Rebel, but her father called the name “ridiculous” and she was called Melanie instead.

“My mother did not rebel against my father that day, nor for nearly seventeen years that followed,” Wilson writes in her memoir.

Wilson also makes claims against her late father, who died in 2013. She said he punched her in the face three times as a child and once tried to grab her and threatened her, saying, “I'm going to strangle you and kill you if you say one more thing, Melanie… I'm going to kill you.” strangle.'

“In those moments when I was worried or scared, I turned to food,” Wilson said The Sunday times. “I think because I saw my mother do it. Everyone has a coping mechanism: food is mine.”

Rebel Wilson – Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

When her mother kicked her father out when Wilson was 17, Wilson changed her name from Melanie to Rebel.

Speaking about her weight, Wilson opened up about her struggles with her weight.

“I didn't handle my emotions well, I just stuffed my face and held them in,” says the Pitch Perfect star told The Sunday times.

She told the British outlet that she briefly tried Ozempic, the popular diabetes drug that many in Hollywood have used to help with weight loss. But she said she used the drug for maintenance purposes after losing 80 pounds in 2020.

“Someone like me might have a bottomless appetite for sweets, so I think those medications could be good,” she said, noting that she no longer takes Ozempic.

After her dramatic weight loss, Wilson said she has found a weight she feels comfortable with, which she calls “still round and firm.”

“I strongly believe that young women shouldn't try to be obsessed with looking like Victoria's Secret models – they should just look like themselves,” she said. “I know my relationship with food is complicated.”

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