Photogs Scream at Dianna Agron for Blocking Sarah Jessica Parker Shot

“Dianne who?” That’s literally what a photographer uttered — mispronunciation and all — after yelling at Dianna Agron and others to move out of the way because they were blocking “an important photo” of Sarah Jessica Parker.

The bizarre incident went down Thursday night in New York City where a bevy of celebrities attended the New York City Ballet’s 2023 Fall Gala at the Lincoln Center. In video posted on TikTok, the Glee star can be seen looking stunning as ever, chatting and appearing to have a great time. That is until photographers got inpatient and then downright annoyed.

In the video, photographers can be heard shouting, “You’re blocking an important photo!” That’s followed by, “Very important photo right behind you!” At the same time, other photographers can be heard shouting, “Excuse us! Excuse us!”

There was also a heavy dose of condescension when a photographer could be heard shouting, “You’re not int he way. You’re not in the way at all.”

After Agron and others move out of the way, a photog can be heard mispronouncing her name saying, “That’s Dianne,” to which another photographer responds with, “Dianne who?” That photographer is told she’s the actress from Glee, but the photographer claims to have no idea who she is.

Sarah Jessica Parker and fashion designer Wes Gordon chat in New York City. – Getty

In any event, Parker gave the gaggle of photographers exactly what they wanted — a clear shot of her in a stunning strapless black dress as she chatted with Wes Gordon, the fashion designer and creative director for Carolina Herrera.

The And Just Like That star and Sex and the City alum also struck several solo poses, much to everyone’s delight. Photogs also shouted at Parker with “beautiful” and “gorgeous” as they snapped away. 

Dianna Agron on the red carpet at the 2023 New York City Ballet Gala at the Lincoln Center. – Getty

Parker later walked the red carpet alongside husband Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker on the red carpet at the 2023 New York City Ballet Gala at the Lincoln Center. – Getty



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