Mama June and Pumpkin become emotional because Anna won't accept that she is dying

Mama June And Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird are having trouble with the upcoming episode of Mama June: Family Crisis. In ET's exclusive sneak peek clip, the mother-daughter duo discuss emotionally Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell's inability to accept her impending death amid her battle with cancer.

“I think Anna gets so excited,” says Mama June. “I tried to ask the doctor about her time frame, but then she interrupted. She said, 'Oh, I heard one, five and ten years.' He looked at her and said, “You're not going to last ten years. You're not going to last five years.”

'She doesn't live in reality at all, Mama. She doesn't realize she's going to die. Crying, I think she knows she's going to die, but…” Pumpkin disappears, while Mama June says, “She doesn't want to face it.”

“But she has to, Mommy,” Pumpkin notes.

Mama June goes on to explain that she looked into getting a life insurance policy for Anna and her children, Kaitlyn and Kylee, but couldn't get one without the documents Anna still had to provide.

“I'm kind of shocked that Mom is even looking into life insurance for the girls and for Anna, but honestly, I think that's really important because the girls are the top priority,” Pumpkin tells the cameras. “Anna's husband Eldridge [Toney] is not even the biological father of the two children. Kylee, her father is still in the picture, so legally he would get custody of her. But with Kaitlyn, she doesn't have a dad around or in the picture at all, so it's like, where does she go?

Back in her conversation with Mama June, Pumpkin says, “The cancer part wouldn't be so bad if she would just fix the things that need fixing, get her affairs in order, and then we'd all be able to just hang out and worrying about the time you spend with her.”

Mama June agrees, telling her daughter, “She's in the reality that just because they're married, Eldridge is going to get the rights, but that's not the case… She says she wants Eldridge to adopt Kaitlyn , but when that happens The time comes and Eldridge says something about it, she hesitates a little. If you don't want Eldridge to do that [do it] and you want me or Pumpkin…'

“No,” Pumpkin insists on taking her nieces. “This is Anna's fight that we are all helping her with. I can't hand Kaitlyn over to anyone. You can't hand Kaitlyn over to anyone. It's the fight Anna needs to keep fighting. “

Pumpkin then gets up to leave and encourages Mama June to try to reach Anna.

“It's like you're talking to a brick wall in there,” Mama June complains, to which Pumpkin quickly responds, “Well, you wanted the damn Mama title back, you can get that back.”

It was Anna diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in January 2023. After that undergo treatment, Anna died in December. When ET spoke with Mama June months before Anna's death, the reality star knew her daughter would not survive.

“For me it's an emotional rollercoaster sometimes. Mentally I always think about it. We know it's terminal,” she said. “She's in stage 4. She's not going into remission. We've all accepted that, so I'm just telling people one day at a time because you never know.”

Mama June: Family Crisis airs Fridays on WEtv and streams on ALLBLK.

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