‘Love Is Blind’ Star Uche Shares Why He Didn’t Attend the Reunion

One of the biggest surprises from the season 5 reunion special of Love Is Blind was the absence of Uche Okoroha. Co-host Nick Lachey shared with Uche’s co-stars that he was invited to the reunion, but chose not to attend. 

On Monday, the attorney and businessman took to his Instagram Story to share with viewers why he opted not to film the reunion, which aired Sunday night but was taped late last week. 

“Unfortunately I was unable to attend the reunion due to being out of town on a business trip,” Uche wrote on his Instagram Story. “As an entrepreneur, building my company is a big part of my life and it’s taken me 7 years to get where I am now. My time is finite and there was an incredible opportunity that I could not risk missing to record a TV show.”


Uche added that he plans to address some of the comments made about him during the reunion special, saying that he has watched the show. 

“However, accountability is important to me. I have watched the reunion and there are several things that I will be addressing soon. You will not be left without answers, I promise,” he wrote. 

Though Uche did not attend the reunion, two of his exes — Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Aaliyah Cosby — were in attendance. 

Lydia, who went on to tie the knot with her now-husband, James Milton Johnson IV (aka Milton) on the show, defended herself against claims that she and Uche went on the show intentionally. 


“We had a conversation of two seconds in November 2021, ‘Oh yeah, I did some of the casting. Oh yeah, I did too.’ And that was it,” Lydia said during the reunion. “I had — and I’m going to say it really clearly for the public — I had no confirmation that Uche was going to be there.”

As for her comment that she thought she might see someone from her past, she said that it was her “instinct” not her “hope,” and if she’d had it her way, Uche would not have been there.

ET spoke with Lydia shortly after the reunion wrapped, saying, “I know who I am and I know my intentions were pure and genuine and honestly, I don’t have anything to prove to anyone besides myself.”


Aaliyah also accused Uche of being “mean” during their brief post-show relationship, and Aaliyah and Lydia said that their mutual ex texted them both the same message as the show premiered. In general, the cast didn’t seem to be big fans of Uche, with multiple cast members saying he spoke negatively about them behind their backs. 

Love Is Blind season 5 is streaming on Netflix. 


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