Kourtney Kardashian Recalls Unborn Son’s Life-Saving Ultrasound

Kourtney Kardashian is getting closer to her due date, and reflecting on how this fourth pregnancy has been completely different from her previous three.

The reality star is no stranger to pregnancy; she’s previously given birth to and shares her kids Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and Reign, 8, with Scott Disick. But her unborn son with husband Travis Barker comes nearly a decade after she was last expecting a baby. Because Kourtney is 44 years old, her pregnancy is a geriatric pregnancy, which comes with a lot more medical attention than the reality star was expecting.

“[Geriatric] is just so wild. But my doctors are so cautious, and I’ve had so many more restrictions than my other pregnancies,” Kourtney said in a recent interview with Vogue. “The first trimester was no working out, no flying on airplanes, no sex. Then the second trimester, I could do anything. Now, I am back to all the restrictions.”

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The reintroduction of restrictions is, in part, because of the medical scare that landed Kourtney in the hospital to undergo fetal surgery last month.

In early September, Kourtney took to Instagram to share her experience with fans. “I will be forever grateful to my incredible doctors for saving our baby’s life. I am eternally grateful to my husband who rushed to my side from tour to be with me in the hospital and take care of me afterwards, my rock. And to my mom, thank you for holding my hand through this,” she wrote alongside a picture of Travis holding her hand while she lays in a hospital bed.

While Kourtney and Travis’ faces aren’t visible, the photo briefly shows her baby bump, which had a bandage on it. 

Kourtney revealed that this is the first time she has ever experienced this during pregnancy. “As someone who has had three really easy pregnancies in the past, I wasn’t prepared for the fear of rushing into urgent fetal surgery. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been through a similar situation can begin to understand that feeling of fear. I have a whole new understanding and respect for the mamas who have had to fight for their babies while pregnant. Praise be to God. Walking out of the hospital with my baby boy in my tummy and safe was the truest blessing. 🙏🏼🤍.” 

“That experience opened my eyes to a whole new world of pregnancy that I didn’t know about in the past,” the mother of three tells Vogue. “It was terrifying. After, I learned that insurance typically only covers two ultrasounds when you’re pregnant, I had no idea. I’ve always been lucky enough to do more than what insurance covers, and it’s one of those ultrasounds that saved my baby’s life.”


Kourtney and Travis — who tied the knot in 2022 — announced they were expecting their first child together in June. The “Rock Show” drummer is the father of Alabama, 17, and Landon, 19, whom he shares with ex-wife, Shana Moakler. Travis also raised his ex-wife’s oldest child, 24-year-old Atiana De La Hoya.

Looking back on her fourth journey to motherhood, Kourtney recalls feeling “pressured and pushed” into taking the IVF route.

“It went against my intuition, and I didn’t feel fully prepared for the mental or physical toll is takes,” she explains to the outlet. She adds that, ironically, it wasn’t until they took a break from IVF that they were able to conceive. “We just got pregnant naturally. It was an indescribable feeling. Shock, then super-happy, fear sets in, worry, but I remembered then to have gratitude.”

Now, as she prepares to welcome her third baby boy, Kourtney says she remains focused on staying calm. “I’ve finally been able to let go of the fear and worry that everybody else put in us because of this pregnancy,” she says. “I’m ready to go in, have the baby, and have the experience we’re meant to have.”


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