Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Reveals He Knew Taylor Swift’s Dad

Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce has taken the country by storm, and has led to higher ratings for the NFL as well as increased interest in the sport and the Kansas City Chiefs in general.

According to head coach Andy Reid, he deserves at least some of the credit of playing matchmaker in the first place.

Reid previously joked during a press conference — after the Chiefs’ victory over the Chicago Bears, which was the first game in which Swift was spotted rooting Kelce on — that he’d met the singer before and he “set them up.”

On a new episode Outkick’s The Five Spot on Tuesday, Reid spoke with host Donovan McNabb — who felt compelled to ask whether or not Reid was a Swiftie.

“I knew her from Philadelphia, her dad was a big NFL fan,” Reid said, smiling. “So I had met her when she was real young, and her dad.”

“I joked about setting Kelce up, and, you know, I’m just saying!” Reid joked.

In all seriousness, Reid seemed appreciative and supportive of Swift’s presence at the games and her bringing a new kind of fandom into the fold.

“She’s a good girl, she’s into it, we’re glad she’s here,” Reid shared.

Meanwhile, sports commentator and reporter Erin Andrews is taking credit for the romance as well.

appeared on Monday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, where she talked about the role she had in the budding new romance. 

Andrews and her Calm Down podcast co-host Charissa Thompson urged the “Love Story” singer to date the Kansas City Chiefs tight end during an August episode of their podcast. 

At the time, Andrews urged Swift, “Please try our friend Travis. He is fantastic!”

Of the comment, Andrews said on Monday’s Late Night, “Travis was very open about not getting to meet her, and so we were just being really candid because we love him. We’re good friends of his. And we just were like, ‘Taylor, date this guy.'”

“We hope to officiate the wedding,” Erin later added. “We hope to be there when he proposes, all the things.”

As for Kelce, he is in on the fun. Earlier this month, Thompson posted the video of the August podcast moment where she and Andrews urged Swift to date the athlete on Instagram. 

Kelce replied to the post, “😂😂 You two are something else!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I owe you big time!!”

Swift and Kelce have been making headlines for their New York City dates over the weekend after the new pair separately made cameos on Saturday Night Live

For more of the love story, watch the clip below.


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