Jonathan Majors no longer attached to the Dennis Rodman film

The consequences continue Jonathan Majors in the wake of his guilty verdict. ET has confirmed that controversial 34-year-old Dennis Rodman will no longer star in the film 48 hours in Vegas.

ET has learned that Lionsgate has returned the Rodman project to the producers for them to take a look at. The project continues, but without Majors involved. CNN was the first to break the news. Majors was chosen to play the NBA legend in a film about Rodman’s infamous trip to Sin City midway through the 1998 NBA Finals.

This is the latest project Majors has shunned since his months-long legal mess that culminated last month when the actor was killed. found guilty of abuse and intimidation. The case arose from a March 25 arrest in New York City, where authorities alleged that Majors “punched, pushed, kicked, and otherwise subjected another person to physical contact thereby causing bodily harm to that person and to a family member of that person” during a arguing in the backseat of a car. That “someone” turned out to be his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

In his first interview post-guilty verdict with Good morning AmericaMajors insisted he never hit Jabbari.

“My hands have never hit a woman,” he claimed in an interview with ABC News’ Linsey Davis. As for how her injuries occurred, the actor said, “I wish I knew.”

“That would provide clarity, that would give me some kind of peace,” he said. Yet he continued to insist that he had not caused them. “I have no questions,” he said.

After his arrest, the Marvel star dropped by its management team. Then, after his conviction, Disney and Marvel Studios ties with him are severed. Majors was previously attached to star Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (2026) and Avengers: Secret Wars (2027) before his legal troubles torpedoed his rise as a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Just 13 days before his arrest, Majors spoke to ET on the red carpet at the 95th Academy Awards about how he prepared 48 hours in Vegas.

“Little by little,” Majors said at the time when asked how he plans to embody Rodman and his crazy, genius self. ‘Study a lot. I want to go with him, Dennis. I’m coming to get you! Let’s have a chat humbly. I have to. We must meet.’

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