Jesse Palmer Teases ‘Really Special and Unique’ ‘BiP’ Season 9 Twist

Jesse Palmer is promising big changes on season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. Before the lucky singles headed to the beach, ET spoke to the Bachelor Nation host in Mexico, and he teased a new twist on the upcoming season.

“There’s going to be something really special and unique this season, something to celebrate,” Jesse told ET. “I think all of Bachelor Nation is going to be really, really excited about it. I think everybody on the beach will be too. I’m very, very excited for that. I just can’t wait. I really cannot wait to see what happens and where this goes.”

Bartender Wells Adams was more mum about the possible change, telling ET, “I don’t want to spoil things for everybody.”

“I imagine there will be things that people were not expecting to happen this year and they will probably be very angry about it,” he said, before joking, “But I’ll be fine because I’ll be making drinks in the back and just watching the dumpster fire burn in front of me.”

Fans got a peek at what the potential new addition may be in the season 9 trailer, which featured contestants learning about the Paradise Truth Box that one person predicted will “definitely destroy some couples.”

Whether or not the Paradise Truth Box ends up being what Jesse was referring to, he hopes the new twist will be better received than the season 8 update, which split the beach and resulted in several ladies screaming, “F**k you, Jesse Palmer!” 

“I’m doing everything in my power not to have a group of adult women go into a balcony and say, ‘F you, Jesse Palmer.’ That’s a personal goal of mine this season,” he quipped. “I can’t promise that’s going to happen, but I hope it does not. You just never know how this is going to go.”

While what’s going to happen remains up in the air, fans do know who will be on the beach, as the season 9 cast was revealed last month.

“Eliza is coming back to the beach and obviously there was a lot of drama surrounding her last year with Rodney and Justin, so it’s gonna be interesting, obviously,” Jesse said. “I know Kat and Brooklyn had some differences during Zach’s season that sort of bled into ‘Women Tell All.’ I don’t know if that’s totally been resolved yet, so I’m curious to see how that will play out here.”

Also joining the beach is Rachel Recchia. She’s the second former lead to head to Mexico after Becca Kufrin met and fell in love with Thomas Jacobs, the man she’s currently engaged to and expecting a child with.

“She’s someone who’s come this close to finding love a couple different times. Hopefully this will be it,” Jesse said, before noting that having a former lead on the show “no doubt” has an “impact” on the beach.

“It definitely leaves a mark on the beach,” he said. “It’ll be interesting whenever Rachel arrives, just to sort of see the response she gets. I think she’s going to be a real hot commodity on the beach for sure, for very obvious reasons.”

All of the people there, Wells predicted, will make for a “pretty dramatic” season. Outside of that, though, are the love stories.

“The best relationships that have come out of this franchise have been ones that I did not expect,” he said. “I’m a big proponent of, I know you think you know what your type is, but if that was correct, you probably wouldn’t be in a situation where you needed to go on this singles retreat that’s on camera, so maybe like think outside the box and just keep an open mind.”

And while Wells admitted that “really pretty people generally find other very pretty people and then they make beautiful babies together,” he’s looking forward to another type of love story.

“I always liked the weirdos, because that’s what I am. I like when the weirdos find the other weirdos and then they make other weirdos,” Wells, who’s married to Sarah Hyland, said. “… I like when the oddballs find the other oddballs.”

“It’s really, really fun to be out there. They’re stuck in this one place and they have to interact with one another, and it tends to find the most amazing, beautiful, long-lasting relationships out of any of the other shows,” he added. “I like being a part of it.”

Overall, Jesse believes that there’s “a ton of possibility and opportunity for real love to blossom here in the beach.” So much so that he said he’d marry someone on the beach in Mexico. It appears he will be doing just that, as a wedding is teased in the season 9 trailer.

“If the situation arises, but it has to be the right situation obviously,” he said. “You don’t want to force that upon anybody, for sure. Every season is unique, so we’ll see what happens.”

Through it all, Jesse and Wells will be there to help the singles on their journey.

“I have been with Sarah for the majority of these seasons in this show, and so I can, I think, talk about love and what it’s supposed to look like and what it’s supposed to feel like to people who are searching for that,” Wells said. “I think it gives me a little bit of credence to tell them what I think that they should be looking for and then things that they should see as red flags.”

“Both Jesse and I are people who are happily in, like, long-lasting, meaningful relationships and I think everyone that comes to this beach is looking for that,” he added of the show’s host, who’s expecting a baby with his wife, Emely. “To be able to give advice to get to that point, I think is important and imperative.”

Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres Thursday, Sept. 28 on ABC.


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