'Idol' Contestant Fails to Make the Top 24 After Previously Reaching the Top 8

It was the end of the road twice American Idol participant Alyssa Raghu on Monday evening. After a shocking return to the show when she her “best friend” hijacked During Julia Davo's audition, Raghu found herself in Hollywood and sang her heart out to stay in the competition.

Judges Katya Perry, Lionel RichieAnd Luke Bryan revealed that they struggled to choose between Raghu and contestant Kaibrienne, forcing them to do a sing-off to Lady Gaga's “Shallow.”

“The reason it's a sing-off is because we had a fight about you guys. So you have to be the deciding factor,” Perry explained to the two female artists.

During rehearsals, Raghu commented, “I have to be selfish right now. If any of us are going to continue, I want it to be me.”

'American Idol'/ABC

And while Raghu gave a soulful rendition of the song outside the A star is born soundtrack, Kaibrienne blew the judges out of the water.

Bryan told Raghu, “We think you have been a great part of the film Idol and we think you can spread your wings without it Idol. This is the end of the road for you, Raghu.”

After failing to advance to the Top 24, Raghu reflected on her time on the show.

'American Idol'/ABC

“This American Idol The journey has been a beautiful, beautiful road,” she said through tears. 'Definitely a tough decision for me to come to terms with, but I definitely had the time of my life. This was great for me.”

After the episode dropped on Monday night, Raghu started working on it Instagram to express her gratitude for the opportunity to appear Idol a second time.

“What a wild ride! As an alumni with a plot twist, it has been an incredible journey,” she wrote. “Many thanks to @americanidol for hosting me and showcasing my progress as an artist.”

Raghu first participated in the ABC music competition in 2019 and climbed all the way to the top 8. Her return to the show proved controversial Many online called her out for stealing her friend's audition and asked for a second chance on the show.

Bryan and Richie agreed to let her come back, but Perry seemed against the idea and walked away from the judge's table, saying, “I have to go.”

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC and later on Hulu.

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